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Buyer summary

Over the past year, Cabinet Office Cabinet Office has publised 154 public procurement notices. Of these, 10 are tenders and 142 are awards. There are 126 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract values against their date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 154 data points.)

Top tenders

Below is a sample of all published notices.

tender notices
SOP2SaaS Programme – SaaS ERP Implementation Partner London £15M
Event Services for the National Leadership Centre Liverpool £122K
award notices
Public Sector Geospatial Agreement — PSGA CAN London £963M
Civil Service DC Pension Arrangements: Administration and Investment Platform Services London £390M
Cabinet Office & DIT Aggregation Campaign Standby Liverpool £56M
COVID 19 Campaign Services Liverpool £16M
Public Sector Geospatial Agreement London £16M
Consultancy Services for Rapid Manufacture Ventilator System (RMVS) Liverpool £12M
Recruitment Advertising and Media Buying Liverpool £11M
COVID 19 Campaign Services Liverpool £10M
75 Paralegals for the Infected Blood Inquiry Liverpool £8M
Termination Assistance Period Extension Liverpool £8M
IT Equipment for Cabinet Office Liverpool £7M
Cabinet Office- Solution 5 EA Liverpool £6M
Government Communications Service, Cabinet Office - Trade; Prosperity Internatio Liverpool £4M
Consultancy for COOR Phase 3 Project Implementation Liverpool £4M
Transition Campaign Liverpool £4M
SOP2SaaS Liverpool £4M
One Public Estate Programme Managed Service Liverpool £4M
Covid-19 Financial Analysis and Support Liverpool £3M
Legal Document Hosting Liverpool £3M
Paralegals for Infected Blood Inquiry Liverpool £2M
Cabinet Office- Solution 4- EA Liverpool £2M
XMA Salesforce Community Cloud London £2M
Consultancy Support for Complex Transactions Team Liverpool £2M
Civil Service People Survey Liverpool £1M
Electoral Management System Upgrade Liverpool £1M
Solution 1- Trainline EA Liverpool £1M
Tunisia 18/19 - Innajim - Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training Communication Liverpool £1M
Consultancy for COP26 Support Liverpool £984K
Co Wan ITT Liverpool £858K
Research in to Government Communications Liverpool £840K
STA EMS Systems (Civica) Liverpool £764K
New Iteration of the Individual Electoral Registration Digital Service London £741K
STA EMS Systems (Democracy Counts) Liverpool £735K
Urgent Procurement Cabinet Office Liverpool £705K
Digital Live Support Liverpool £687K
NLC Ad-Hoc Research Call - Off Liverpool £550K
COVID-19 Counter Fraud Consultancy for the Cabinet Office Liverpool £500K
G-Cloud Requirement for Cabinet Office Liverpool £500K
Diagnostics Liverpool £441K
Evaluation of the National Leadership Centre Liverpool £419K
Software Licences - Trustmarque Single Tender Action Liverpool £400K
Consultancy for Client Side Technical Support Liverpool £376K
Permanent Recruitment Framework Order Form London £370K
Consultancy for Public Service Leadership Provision Analysis Liverpool £360K
Customer Relationship Management London £349K
OH and EAP for the Cabinet Office Liverpool £200K
Support for OGP Well-Maintained Net Zero Carbon Estate Project Liverpool £199K
PR Campaign for Inaugural National Leadership Forum Liverpool £111K

Summary statistics

Cabinet Office Cabinet Office publishes notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU.

4% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

97% of notices have published value. The median published value is £100K.

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