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Buyer summary

Over the past year, DEFRA Network Etendering Portal has publised 541 public procurement notices. Of these, 154 are tenders and 341 are awards. There are 445 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract values against their date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 541 data points.)

Top tenders

Below is a sample of all published notices.

pin notices
Veterinary Delivery Partnership — Livestock Testing Services London £125M
Veterniary Delivery Partnership - Retender Fro Service From April London £100M
Digitising & Remote Sensing Reading £25M
Automatic Urban and Rural Air Quality Monitoring Network — CMCU, ALN and QAQC London £25M
Darwin Initiative International Grant Funds Administration London £8M
60000000 London £6M
Augmented Farm Inspection Services London £5M
0 London £2M
Livestock Disposal & Transport Framework London £2M
Digitising and Remote Sensing London £2M
Diving Services for the Thames Area Bristol £1M
tender notices
Veterinary and Paraprofessional Training, Authorisation and Assurance Services London £4M
AHDB Purchase Data Requirements Warwickshire £2M
Liquid and Gas Triple Quadrupole Spectrometers London £2M
Liquid & Gas Triple Quadrupole Spectrometers Exeter £2M
Project 29657 — Livestock Disposal and Transport Framework London £2M
Project 29657 - Livestock Disposal & Transport Framework London £2M
AHDB Venue Finding Services Requirement Warwickshire £2M
Survey of Attitudes to the Environment London £2M
UK Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon London £1M
1200000 Bristol £1M
Securty Barriers London £___
award notices
Food Boxes — Shielded Vulnerable COV19 London £208M
National Property Flood Resilience Framework Bristol £20M
Avian and Bovine Tuberculin London £18M
Livestock Information Programme (LIP 1 Livestock Information System (LIS) Kenilworth £8M
Animal and Plant Health Specialist Resourcing Framework London £7M
CAPD Platform Hosting and Support Services Bristol £7M
AWS Elastic Compute 2 London £6M
Incinerator Building Extension London £5M
Environment Agency National Laboratory Service London £4M
Defra Consolidated Fixed Telecoms Lines London £3M
Great Crested Newt District Level Licensing Pond Delivery London £2M
Environment Agency National Laboratory Courier Service London £2M
UK Urban NO2 Monitoring Network London £2M
UK Urban NO2 Monitoring Network Exeter £2M
This Provides Particulate Speciation Size and Numbers at Key Urban and Rural ‘Supersites’ to Inform Policy… London £2M
UK Central Equine Database (CED) London £2M
North, Anglian and Midlands Operational Waste Management Framework London £2M
Weybridge Capital Projects Programme - Programme and Project Leads London £2M
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers (ICPMS) London £2M
Liquid and Gas Triple Quadrupole Spectrometers London £2M
Liquid & Gas Triple Quadrupole Spectrometers London £2M
MPLS Connectivity Hub London £2M
Understanding Environmental and Airborne Transmission to Reduce FMD London £1M
Use of FMDV Sequence Data to Trace Outbreaks Etc London £1M
Steam Main Works London £1M
Local Air Quality Management 2019 London £1M
Defra Consolidated Videoconferencing London £1M
Occupational Hygiene and Asbestos Related Services London £340K

Summary statistics

DEFRA Network Etendering Portal publishes notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU.

21% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

71% of notices have published value. The median published value is £89K.

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