East Riding of Yorkshire Procurement

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Buyer summary

Over the past year, East Riding of Yorkshire* has publised 293 public procurement notices. Of these, 97 are tenders and 190 are awards. There are 181 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract value against the date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 293 data points.)
Location map

Operating locations

293 identifiable addresss were found. The main buyer location is Beverley in region Yorkshire and The Humber. From published data, 52% of East Riding of Yorkshire's suppliers belong to the same region.

(UK geochart with 4 buyer locations and 289 supplier locations.)

Buyer locations:

  • Beverley - 290
  • Sheffield - 1
  • Melton - 1
  • Goole - 1

Suppliers per region:

  • Yorkshire and The Humber - 149
  • South East - 22
  • London - 21
  • North West - 21
  • East Midlands - 20
  • West Midlands - 18
  • East of England - 13
  • North East - 10
  • South West - 8
  • Wales - 3
  • Scotland - 3
  • England - 1
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Pin notices

4 published pin notices. (5 including duplicates.)

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Tender notices

81 published tender notices. (97 including duplicates.)

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Award notices

172 published award notices. (190 including duplicates.)

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Update notices

1 published update notice.

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Popular suppliers

Below is a summary of contract awards per supplier. The table is restricted to suppliers who have also served other buyers.

Supplier name Region Unique awards Max. single award
AECOM Yorkshire and The Humber 12 £120M
Aa Projects North West 2 £120M
Identity Consult North East 2 £120M
Ahr Architects London 1 £120M
Ahr Building Consultancy London 1 £120M
Amey OW South East 1 £120M
Arcadis London 1 £120M
Atkins South East 1 £120M
Capita Property & Infrastructure London 1 £120M
CPC Project Services London 1 £120M
Engie Services North East 1 £120M
Gutteridge Haskins & Davey North West 1 £120M
Haskoningdhv East of England 1 £120M
Jeremy Benn Associates Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £120M
Mace London 1 £120M
Mott Macdonald London 1 £120M
NPS Property Consultants East of England 1 £120M
Ove Arup & Partners London 1 £120M
Pell Frischmann Consultants Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £120M
Rider Levett Bucknall West Midlands 1 £120M
RPS Consulting Services South East 1 £120M
Services Design Associates Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £120M
Sweco Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £120M
Turner & Townsend Project Management Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £120M
Waterman Infrastructure & Environment London 1 £120M
WYG Management Services Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £120M
S4W East Midlands 1 £40K
Turner Price Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £10M
Dennis Eagle Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £8M
Acklams Coaches Yorkshire and The Humber 2 £8M
East Yorkshire Motor Services Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £8M
53 Cars Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £4M
Arrow Self Drive Yorkshire and The Humber 4 £2M
Enterprise Rent A Car South East 2 £2M
Access Hire Nationwide Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £2M
Car Hire Day of Swansea Wales 1 £2M
CP Davidson North West 1 £2M
966 Cars Yorkshire and The Humber 4 £2M
Nippy Taxis Yorkshire and The Humber 2 £1M
Stagecoach East Midlands East Midlands 2 £440K
Mellor Coachcraft North West 2 £285K
Woodall Nicholson North West 1 £77K
Dennis Eagle West Midlands 1 £62K
Jacobs North West 1 £4M
Total Gas & Power London 1 £1M
Wally Mays Contractors Yorkshire and The Humber 2 £1M
Geo Houlton Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £183K
S Voase Builders Yorkshire and The Humber 2 £173K
F Parkinson North West 1 £164K
CR Reynolds Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £43K
JC Services Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £7K
Wally Mays Contractors Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £1M
Cromwell Polythene Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £1M
HPC Healthline London 1 £1M
Jla North East 1 £47K
Pricewaterhouse Coopers London 1 £332K
Orbis Protect London 1 £172K
Graitec South East 1 £170K
Democracy Counts North West 1 £90K
Diva Creative Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £45K
Phoenix Software Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £___
Rixonway Kitchens Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £310K
Bic London 4 £168K
Newell Rubbermaid West Midlands 4 £168K
Eastpoint East of England 3 £168K
Edding East of England 3 £168K
Pentel Stationery London 2 £168K
Pentel Stationery South West 1 £146K
Creative Art Products North West 1 £128K
United Carlton Office Systems North East 1 £119K
Allen Glenold East Midlands 1 £54K
Barnardos Yorkshire and The Humber 2 £139K
Essity East of England 2 £135K
Nisbets South West 1 £135K
Selden Research East Midlands 1 £135K
Kays Medical North West 1 £133K
Teaching Personnel East of England 1 £75K
Kids West Midlands 1 £48K
Countrywide Grounds Maintenance North West 1 £32K

Contract values

East Riding of Yorkshire provided financial information for 93% of its published procurement notices. The total maximum value excluding duplicates is £3B.

(Histogram showing the prevelance of contracts in each value band.)
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Notice types

The buyer publishes procurement notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU. There is a 25% duplication rate between the two portals. Below are 8 document types.

Short type Full type Total published Past 30 days
award Contract Award Notice 51 2
tender Tender Notice 37 6
pin Prior Information Notice 3 0
update Contract Addendum Notice 1 0
Contracts Finder
award Contract Award Notice 139 3
tender Tender Notice 60 7
pin Pre-Procuement Notice 1 0
pin Pipeline Notice 1 0
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Keywords derive from published CPV codes.

Buyer names

This report covers buyer names that begin: EAST RIDING YORKSHIRE*.

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Further information

The following websites have been found in published notices.