Hampshire County Council Procurement

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Buyer summary

Over the past year, Hampshire County Council* has publised 359 public procurement notices. Of these, 164 are tenders and 166 are awards. There are 175 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract value against the date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 359 data points.)
Location map

Operating locations

228 identifiable addresss were found. The main buyer location is Winchester in region South East. From published data, 43% of Hampshire County Council's suppliers belong to the same region.

(UK geochart with 11 buyer locations and 217 supplier locations.)

Buyer locations:

  • Winchester - 232
  • Hampshire - 119
  • London - 8

Suppliers per region:

  • South East - 93
  • East of England - 23
  • South West - 20
  • London - 20
  • West Midlands - 14
  • Yorkshire and The Humber - 12
  • East Midlands - 10
  • North West - 9
  • England - 4
  • Leinster - 2
  • Scotland - 2
  • North East - 2
  • Northern Ireland - 2
  • Wales - 2
  • None - 2
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Pin notices

22 published pin notices. (23 including duplicates.)

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Tender notices

87 published tender notices. (164 including duplicates.)

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Award notices

149 published award notices. (166 including duplicates.)

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Update notices

5 published update notices. (6 including duplicates.)

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Popular suppliers

Below is a summary of contract awards per supplier. The table is restricted to suppliers who have also served other buyers.

Supplier name Region Unique awards Max. single award
Bam Construction East of England 2 £5B
Galliford Try Construction West Midlands 1 £5B
Tarmac Trading East Midlands 1 £500M
Ew Beard South East 1 £200M
Kier Construction South East 1 £200M
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure South East 1 £200M
Wates Construction South East 1 £200M
Ainsty Timber Marketing Yorkshire and The Humber 4 £30M
Blakedown Landscapes SE South East 2 £30M
Ecosulis South West 1 £30M
Idverde West Midlands 1 £30M
Rocon Contractors South East 1 £30M
Scandor Landscape Contractors North West 1 £30M
Wetton Cleaning Services South East 1 £850K
Breyer Group London 1 £150K
Hampshire County Council England 1 £800M
Solutions 4 Health South East 1 £11M
Home Group North East 1 £4M
Atacc Group North West 1 £148K
Sports & Leisure Management East Midlands 2 £80M
Victor Stationery Northern Ireland 3 £3M
Grosvenor House Papers North West 1 £3M
Grosvenor House Papers England 1 £3M
WF Howes East Midlands 1 £150K
Biffa Waste Services South East 1 £75M
Reed Specialist Recruitment London 1 £48M
Regis Mutual Management London 1 £10M
Northgate Public Services None 1 £1M
Fideliti North West 1 £120K
Pricewaterhousecoopers London 1 £75K
Acco South East 1 £29M
Banner Group Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £29M
BDS Office South East 1 £29M
Bright Ideas Marketing East of England 1 £29M
Daler Rowney South East 1 £29M
Eastpoint East of England 1 £29M
Exaclair East of England 1 £29M
Flipfile South East 1 £29M
Grosvenor House Papers North West 1 £29M
Hamelin Brands East of England 1 £29M
Helix Trading West Midlands 1 £29M
Hira North West 1 £29M
Pentel Stationery South West 1 £29M
Plastoreg Smidt North West 1 £29M
Rapesco Office Products South East 1 £29M
Slater Harrison North West 1 £29M
Tiger Stationery West Midlands 1 £29M
Tilgear East of England 1 £29M
Hayward Services South East 6 £10M
Brayborne Facilities Services South East 5 £10M
N Viro South East 1 £10M
Bates Office Services South East 1 £5M
Portsdown Office South East 1 £5M
Arco Yorkshire and The Humber 4 £3M
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust South East 1 £3M
Ybc Cleaning Services South East 2 £2M
Solent Laundry Solutions South East 1 £400K
Mti Technology South East 1 £140K
BFS Group South East 1 £136K
Allstar Business Solutions South West 2 £2M
JLL South East 1 £2M
TW Engineering East Midlands 1 £350K
Unilite West Midlands 1 £350K
DDC Dolphin South West 1 £242K
Hendy Group South East 1 £2M
SSG Support Services Group London 1 £650K
Supply Plus East of England 1 £300K
Softcat South East 2 £583K
Fiscal Technologies South East 1 £184K
Specialist Computer Centre West Midlands 1 £53K
Northgate Public Services South West 1 £50K
Northgate Public Services None 1 £34K
Ecr Retail Systems East of England 1 £25K
Ma Education London 1 £179K
RH Advertising South West 6 £120K
TMP London 1 £112K

Contract values

Hampshire County Council provided financial information for 90% of its published procurement notices. The total maximum value excluding duplicates is £12B.

(Histogram showing the prevelance of contracts in each value band.)
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Notice types

The buyer publishes procurement notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU. There is a 20% duplication rate between the two portals. Below are 12 document types.

Short type Full type Total published Past 30 days
award Contract Award Notice 46 6
award Contract Award Notice (Social) 16 3
award Voluntary Ex-Ante Transparency (VEAT) Notice 1 0
tender Tender Notice 28 1
tender Tender Notice (Social) 9 1
pin Prior Information Notice 17 2
pin Prior Information Notice (Social) 2 0
update Contract Addendum Notice 6 0
Contracts Finder
tender Tender Notice 127 4
award Contract Award Notice 103 7
pin Pre-Procuement Notice 3 0
pin Pipeline Notice 1 0
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Keywords derive from published CPV codes.

Buyer names

This report covers buyer names that begin: HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL*.

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Collaborative procurement

The buyer has worked in association with other buyers.

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Further information

The following websites have been found in published notices.