HM Land Registry Procurement

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Buyer summary

Over the past year, HM Land Registry has publised 141 public procurement notices. Of these, 11 are tenders and 123 are awards. There are 129 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract values against their date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 141 data points.)

Top tenders

Below is a sample of all published notices.

pin notices
LLC Industrialisation Croydon £35M
Scanning, Processing and Data Capture Services PIN Nottingham £10M
Scanning, Processing and Data Capture Services Croydon £8M
tender notices
Scanning, Processing and Data Extraction Services Croydon £10M
Db2 Utilities Components CPA Plymouth £6M
Eagle House Dilapidations/Reinstatement Nottingham £625K
Building Control : Approved Inspector Nottingham £500K
HMLR Management Systems Certifications Croydon £300K
award notices
Customer Relationship Management System Plymouth £10M
Optiplex Desktop PCs Plymouth £8M
Half-Hourly Electricity Nottingham £8M
Public Cloud Hosting Services Plymouth £5M
Cloudhosting - Corporate Services Plymouth £4M
Public Sector and Travel Venue Solutions Nottingham £4M
Wide Area Network (WAN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Number Management Services Plymouth £4M
DB2 Utilities Components Suite Plymouth £3M
One Stop Shop for Commodity Goods With Buying Portal Access Nottingham £3M
Business Analysis Capability Partner Plymouth £3M
Document Exchange and Courier Services Nottingham £1M
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Cloud Service Plymouth £939K
National Facilities Management Nottingham £900K
Nutanix Enterprise Support Agreement Plymouth £900K
Junior Digital and Business Capability Services Plymouth £816K
Transformation Delivery Partner Plymouth £800K
Compuware Maintenance and Support Plymouth £754K
Local Office Network Line Cards Replacement Nottingham £732K
Click Charges, Support & Consumables for 181 MFDs With Uniflow and Neevia File Conversion Plymouth £671K
Backup Solution to Replace Elements of HM Land Registry's Current Backup Capability Plymouth £670K
Eagle House Dilapidations/Reinstatement Croydon £525K
Cyber Security Delivery Partner Plymouth £500K
Hyperconverged Infrastructure Replacement, Support, Licenses and Delivery Nottingham £500K
Data Marketing and Pricing Research Croydon £487K
Merchant Acquiring Services Croydon £480K
E-Signing Server, Software, Licenses and Support Nottingham £449K
WAN Data Network Lines Plymouth £360K
CCTV Equipment Nottingham £356K
Estates Management Nottingham £345K
CA View for Z/OS Plus (8084 MIPS) and CA Plan Analyzer Plymouth £336K
Refurbishment of HMLR Leicester Office Nottingham £331K
IBM Virtual Tape Engine (VTE) Plymouth £308K
Merchant Acquiring, Merchant Acquiring Equipment & Payment Gateway Services Croydon £300K
Smartphone and Data Rental Plymouth £282K
Consultancy for Business Strategy Refresh Croydon £249K
Oracle Platforms and Associated Hardware and Software Maintenance Plymouth £243K
Control M Platform Licenses Plymouth £237K
Entrust Operational Support Nottingham £234K
Support and Maintenance of Real Time Defragmentation Plymouth £225K
Investigative Case Management Software Tool Plymouth £220K
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software Plymouth £219K
Confidential Waste - 2 Year Nottingham £55K

Summary statistics

HM Land Registry publishes notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU.

4% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

97% of notices have published value. The median published value is £144K.

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