North Tyneside Council Procurement

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Buyer summary

Over the past year, North Tyneside Council* has publised 231 public procurement notices. Of these, 109 are tenders and 122 are awards. There are 142 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract value against the date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 231 data points.)
Location map

Operating locations

366 identifiable addresss were found. The main buyer location is North Tyneside in region North East. From published data, 63% of North Tyneside Council's suppliers belong to the same region.

(UK geochart with 2 buyer locations and 364 supplier locations.)

Buyer locations:

  • North Tyneside - 231

Suppliers per region:

  • North East - 230
  • Yorkshire and The Humber - 32
  • North West - 25
  • London - 14
  • South East - 13
  • East Midlands - 13
  • West Midlands - 13
  • Scotland - 9
  • East of England - 9
  • South West - 3
  • Southern Finland - 1
  • Wales - 1
  • Manyara - 1
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Procurement categories

North Tyneside Council contracts contain the the following procurement categories. The table prioritises categories by volume of notices published.

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Popular suppliers

Below is a summary of contract awards per supplier. The table is restricted to suppliers who have also served other buyers.

Supplier name Region Unique awards Max. single award
Springs Roofing North East 8 £7M
Hodgson Sayers North East 5 £7M
John Flowers North East 4 £7M
John N Dunn Group North East 6 £4M
0800 Repair North East 2 £4M
Rothwell Plumbing Services NE North East 2 £4M
Delta Building Solutions North East 1 £4M
JB Specialist Refurbishments East of England 2 £4M
MGM North East 2 £4M
MITIE Property Services Scotland 8 £3M
Openview Security Solutions London 7 £3M
Ingleford Scaffolding North East 6 £3M
Bell Decorating Group Scotland 5 £3M
Cormeton Electronics North East 5 £3M
Deerness Fencing & Landscaping North East 5 £3M
Direct Services North East 5 £3M
Novus Property Solutions West Midlands 5 £3M
Askams Compliance Services North East 4 £3M
Metro Rod North West 4 £3M
Terry Group North West 4 £3M
Walker Fire North West 4 £3M
Birchtree Northern North East 3 £3M
CDS Security & Fire North East 3 £3M
Harry Burnicle Electrical & Mechanical Contractors North East 3 £3M
Orona South East 3 £3M
Pinkney Building Contractors North East 3 £3M
Akw Medi Care West Midlands 2 £3M
Bolton Gate Service Division East of England 2 £3M
Clearway Drainage Systems North West 2 £3M
Historic Property Restoration North East 2 £3M
Northern Elevator North East 2 £3M
Procare Shower & Bathroom Centre North West 2 £3M
Proten Environmental North East 2 £3M
Proten Environmental East of England 2 £3M
Sendrig Construction North East 2 £3M
St Astier North East 2 £3M
Aca I Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Adp Architecture South East 1 £3M
Align Property Partners Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Arcus Consulting North West 1 £3M
Aura Newcastle North East 1 £3M
Billinghurst George & Partners North East 1 £3M
BWB Consulting East Midlands 1 £3M
Capita Property & Infrastructure North East 1 £3M
Carney Consultancy North East 1 £3M
CDS Security North East 1 £3M
Churches Fire Security South East 1 £3M
Classic Lifts Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Concept Engineering Consultants London 1 £3M
CPC Project Services London 1 £3M
Curtins Consulting North West 1 £3M
Darntonb3 Architecture Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Demma West Midlands 1 £3M
DFP Services North East 1 £3M
Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental North East 1 £3M
Easibathe & Easiaccess North East 1 £3M
Edp Consulting East Midlands 1 £3M
Elvet Construction Consultants North East 1 £3M
Fairhurst North East 1 £3M
Faye Services North West 1 £3M
Fen Bay Services East Midlands 1 £3M
FWS Consultants North East 1 £3M
Gaia Technologies Wales 1 £3M
Gardiner & Theobald London 1 £3M
Geze West Midlands 1 £3M
Gleeds Management Services London 1 £3M
Harley Haddow London 1 £3M
Haycock & Jay Associates Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Henry Riley North East 1 £3M
Howarth Litchfield Partnership North East 1 £3M
Hulley & Kirkwood Consulting Engineers North West 1 £3M
Hydrock South West 1 £3M
I3Works Scotland 1 £3M
Identity Consult North East 1 £3M
Idpartnership Northern North East 1 £3M
Jackson Lift Services North West 1 £3M
JH Partners North East 1 £3M
Mac Construction Consultants Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Michael Dyson Associates Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Norr Consultants London 1 £3M
Patrick Parsons North East 1 £3M
Peter Brett Associates South East 1 £3M
P HS Architects Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Rider Hunt North East 1 £3M
RNJ Partnership North East 1 £3M
RPS Consulting Services North East 1 £3M
RSK Environment West Midlands 1 £3M
Saker Controls South East 1 £3M
Sanderson Weatherall Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Secom Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £3M
Socotec East Midlands 1 £3M
Space Group North East 1 £3M
Steel River Consultants North East 1 £3M
Storm Tempest North East 1 £3M
Summers Inman Construction & Property Consultants North East 1 £3M
Survey Operations North West 1 £3M
Tangent Construction North East 1 £3M
TEP the Environment Partnership North West 1 £3M
T Manners North East 1 £3M
Brakes South East 1 £3M

Contract values

North Tyneside Council provided financial information for 86% of its published procurement notices. The total maximum value excluding duplicates is £135M.

(Histogram showing the prevelance of contracts in each value band.)
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Notice types

The buyer publishes procurement notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU. There is a 6% duplication rate between the two portals. (Regional portals such as eTendersNI are not covered.) Below are 4 document types.

Short type Full type Total published Past 30 days
award Contract Award Notice 48 0
tender Tender Notice 8 0
Contracts Finder
tender Tender Notice 101 14
award Contract Award Notice 74 17

Buyer names

This report covers buyer names that begin: NORTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL*.

Here are similar buyer names. The report does not cover these names.

More buyers

Collaborative procurement

The buyer has worked in association with other buyers.

As lead buyer to:

  • None

Included in contracts by:

As a contracted supplier to:

  • None

Further information

The following websites have been found in published notices.