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Buyer summary

Over the past year, Optivo has publised 135 public procurement notices. Of these, 10 are tenders and 118 are awards. There are 118 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract values against their date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 135 data points.)

Top tenders

Below is a sample of all published notices.

pin notices
Planned Programme of Fire Safety and Fire Prevention Works Croydon £150M
tender notices
Fire Safety Systems Servicing and Maintenance Croydon £21M
Fire Safety Systems Servicing and Maintenance Croydon £21M
Pest Control Services — London Croydon £1M
award notices
Land & Build 60A & 62 Hatcham Rd & 134-140 Ilderton Road, London, SE15 1TW Croydon £32M
Land and Build at Sussex Plants, Park Road, Hailsham Croydon £30M
Land & Build at 44 Clapham Common Southside, London Croydon £27M
Land and Build at Pocklington Court Croydon £26M
Land and Build 180 Ilderton Road Croydon £19M
Kent Responsive Repairs Croydon £15M
Land & Build - 2 Varcoe Road, London Croydon £14M
Land & Build 43 New Homes at Ashford Road, High Halden Croydon £13M
Land & Build - Dockley Road Southwark Croydon £13M
Tollgates Development Croydon £11M
Land and Build Foxey Lane, Purley London Croydon £10M
Land & Build - Rosemead Farm Croydon £8M
Sussex Internal & External Cyclical Decorations Croydon £8M
Land and Build Preston Hall Farm, Watermill Lane Croydon £7M
Land & Build at Bensham Lane, Croydon Croydon £6M
Land and Build Ospringe Brickworks Faversham Croydon £6M
Land & Build at Artillery Place Greenwich Croydon £5M
27 Homes at Mulberry Fields, West Sussex Croydon £4M
Building 800 Refurbishment Works Croydon £3M
Land and Build Benegrave Nursery Rainham Croydon £3M
Fire Risk Management Croydon £3M
Grosvenor House Office Refurbishments Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - 2020/2021 (Half Hourly Electricity) Croydon £2M
Sussex Window & Door Replacement Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - Lot 1 (Non Half Hourly Electricity) 2019/ Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - 2021/2022 (Non Half Hourly Electricity) 2021/ Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - 2021/2022 (Half Hourly Electricity) Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - 2021/2022 (Gas) Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - 2020/2021 (Non Half Hourly Electricity) Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - 2020/2021 (Gas) Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - 2019/2020 (Half Hourly Electricity) Croydon £2M
Energy Contracts - 2019/2020 (Gas) Croydon £2M
Land and Build the Spires Coventry Croydon £2M
Cyclical Decorations for South London Croydon £2M
Fire Safety Surveying, Testing and Reporting Services Sittingbourne £2M
Water Hygiene Management Croydon £1M
Commercial Properties Kitchen and Bathrooms Croydon £1M
Passive Fire Works - London & Midlands Croydon £1M
Fire Remedial Works - London & Midlands Region Croydon £1M
Care Catering Croydon £988K
Pest Control Services - London Croydon £750K
Pest Control Services — London Croydon £720K
Sun Systems Croydon £400K
Kent EST New Vehicles Croydon £136K
M & E Services Croydon £83K
Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Strategy Croydon £29K

Summary statistics

Optivo publishes notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU.

4% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

90% of notices have published value. The median published value is £212K.

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