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Buyer summary

Over the past year, Sparkfund has publised 57 public procurement notices. Of these, 57 are tenders and 0 are awards. There are 49 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract values against their date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 57 data points.)

Top tenders

Below is a sample of all published notices.

tender notices
IVS/085 & R&d/047 - P112 - Development of a Self Service Operating System, Mobile App and… Hull £132K
New Radius Formwork Wall System Hull £95K
Development of App & Social Media Campaign Hull £88K
Development of a Novel App and Website-Based Recruitment Tool Hull £86K
Requirement for Consultancy Support for Developing a Minimum Viable Product Software Solution Hull £85K
Design & Build of Clean Room Hull £85K
Development of an FLX Connected Biomechanics App R&d/010/P111 Hull £84K
Development of a Software Platform Hull £78K
Consultancy From a Lipid Chemistry Specialist & Consultancy for Filing a Patent App Hull £67K
Development of a Brew Incubator Hull £58K
Development of a Brew Incubator Hull £58K
Development of a New Temporary Structure Hull £44K
Food Service Distribution Software & Hardware Hull £44K
Installation of a New Facility That Is Fuelled by Hydrogen Hull £43K
Development of Knitting Industry Specific IT Systems R&d/051/P119 Hull £42K
Requirement for Consultancy for a Human Toxicity Research Project IVS/100/P118 Hull £41K
Development and Build a Bespoke Central CRM Hull £40K
Development & Creation of VR Experience Hull £35K
Development of a Performance Tracking System IVS/079/P121 Hull £35K
Development of a Fully Integrated CRM/CMS System IVS/091 - P134 Hull £34K
Development of a Bespoke Cloud Based Integrated Operational System Hull £34K
Development and Implementation a Central IT Storage System Including App Creation IVS/083//P127 Hull £33K
Development of a Brew Incubator Hull £33K
Request for Consultancy Support for FDA Pathway Review and Layuser Study IVS/070 P-127 Hull £33K
New Range of Odourless, Tasteless Health Supplements Hull £32K
Development and Implementation of MRP System (Lot 1) and Associated Hardware (Lot 2) Hull £30K
Development of a Fully Integrated IT System IVS/099/P135 Hull £28K
Consultancy Support Hull £27K
Requirement for Consultancy Support for Developing a Continuous Improvement Process System IVS/095 Hull £26K
Video Production Equipment Hull £25K
Medical Grade Devices Hull £25K
Development of a 120kV High Voltage Power Supply R&d/036 P-130 Hull £24K
Development of an Electrical Control Unit (ECU) R&d/040/P125 Hull £20K
Development and Integration of a Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Hull £17K
Development of a CRM & App Hull £15K
Development of Web Portal Hull £15K
Integrated Invoicing and Stock Control With Web Portal, New Office PC's & Point of Sale System… Hull £13K
Machining & Fabrication Requirements Hull £12K
Component Counting Machine Hull £11K
Requirement for Food Product Market Research and Analysis R&d/021/P116 Hull £11K
Installation of a Rotary Evaporator and Manual Pallet Stacker IVS/104/P132 Hull £10K
Development of Complete Formulation Packages to Develop Two New Skincare Formulations IVS/097/P120 Hull £9K
Chain Analysis Specialis Hull £6K
Technical Analysis & Legal Compliance Hull £6K
Requirement for Food Product Technical Analysis and Legal Compliance R&d/021/P117 Hull £6K
Development of a Web Platform Interface Hull £6K
Requirement for a Recirculating Chiller Unit LC/005/P133 Hull £6K
PVD Coating of Curved Beads Hull £6K
Requirement for Creative Assistance Developing the Packaging Design on a Range of New Skincare Produ Hull £4K
Charlotte Seed Beads Hull £4K

Summary statistics

Sparkfund publishes notices in Contracts Finder.

86% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

100% of notices have published value. The median published value is £28K.

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