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Buyer summary

Over the past 10 months, UK Shared Business Services has publised more than 1000 public procurement notices. Of these, 170 are tenders and 794 are awards. There are 850 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract values against their date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 1000 data points.)

Top tenders

Below is a sample of all published notices.

pin notices
Future Shared Services (FSS) Swindon £64M
Niobium Material for DUNE PIP-II High Beta SRF Cavities (Prototype and Series Production) Swindon £2M
tender notices
Offshore Scientific Drilling and Coring and Ice Management and Fleet Provision Swindon £15M
Roof Renewal Project at NOC Southampton Swindon £7M
UKRI Future Leaders Fellows Development Network Swindon £3M
High and Low Voltage Inspection, Maintenance and Testing for Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) at… Swindon £2M
NSTF Mass Properties Testing Equipment Swindon £2M
Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice Swindon £1M
Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Swindon £1M
Healthy Ageing Catalyst Award Delivery Partner Swindon £1M
Security Screening Process of Pre-Recruitment Candidates and Existing Employees Swindon £1M
UKRI - Building Energy Management System (BEMS) Maintenance, Inspection and Testing for Science & Technology Facilities… Swindon £1M
Evaluation of the UKRI Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) Swindon £900K
UKRI RE18026 Bedding Swindon £500K
UKRI - Bread,Fruit,Vegetables, Seeds and Pulses Swindon £300K
award notices
BGS Hard FM Services Request for Proposal Swindon £578M
Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme Technical Advisor - Request for Proposal Swindon £60M
ARCHER2 Hardware Swindon £42M
Molecular Biology and Laboratory Chemicals Products Swindon £40M
Minor Works - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Swindon £10M
Energy Catalyst Innovation Accelerator Swindon £8M
DDaT19183 Mobile Telephony and Data Swindon £4M
RAL Tech CMOS Sensor Fabrication Swindon £4M
Catering Services Swindon £3M
UKRI DDaT19127 the Funding Service Beta Phase - Technical Team Swindon £3M
Knowledge Transfer Programme Associate Training Swindon £3M
Sciencewise Swindon £3M
Intellectual Property Services Swindon £2M
NSTF Mechanical Ground Support Equipment Swindon £2M
ACAS ACD and WFM Replacement Swindon £2M
STFC Taxi Services Swindon £2M
DDaT19086 Innovate UK HR & Finance System Licences Swindon £2M
Glacios Cryo EM Swindon £2M
Charter of MS Hebridean Sky Swindon £1M
Glacios Cryo-TEM Swindon £1M
DDaT20015 - UKRI - Innovate UK - Technical Support and Development of the Innovation Funding Service… Swindon £1M
JASMIN Hyperconverged Computer Solution Swindon £1M
Gaseous Nitrogen Swindon £1M
Appointment of Lead Architect, Architect and Multi-Disciplinary Team for Research Building R117 at the Rutherford Appleton… Swindon £1M
MRC Minor Services Swindon £1M
DDaT19199 - UKRI CPU Servers for Physics Data Processing at RAL Swindon £1M
UKRI Renewal of Service Electron Microscopes Swindon £1M
Oracle Development Resource Swindon £1M
Specialist Mechanical Works at LMB and ARES Swindon £1M
IMAT Radial Collimators Swindon £1M
Flip Chip Aligner Swindon £1M
UKRI DDaT19266 IUK Private Cloud Hosting and Support Services Swindon £996K
Evaluation of UKRI's Fund for International Collaboration Swindon £900K
Access Control System at LMB and ARES Swindon £368K
MiSeq and HiSeq Kits Swindon £361K

Summary statistics

UK Shared Business Services publishes notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU.

9% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

96% of notices have published value. The median published value is £75K.

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