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Supplier summary

Over the past year, Boc has featured in 37 contract award notices. There are 27 unique titles across 13 public sector buyers. Sources are Contracts Finder and OJEU.

Below is a chart of award value against date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 37 data points.)

Recent awards

Below is a sample of all published contract awards.

Shared frameworks
National for Nitric Oxide Therapy London £20M
Bulk Liquid Oxygen Staffordshire £190K
External Defibrillation Devices and Related Equipment and Accessories Warrington £1
National for Nitric Oxide Therapy London £___
Direct awards
Home Oxygen Services [2547720] Belfast £15M
Industrial, Medical, Scientific Gases and Associated Products Wakefield £10M
Medical Gas Cylinders Fulbourn £9M
East of England Home Oxygen Services Epping £4M
Gaseous Nitrogen Swindon £1M
Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service Newcastle upon Tyne £736K
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Kings Lynn £330K
Medical Gases and Cylinders Bury St Edmunds £270K
UKRI STFC ISIS Liquid Helium Swindon £200K
UKRI STFC Industrial Gases Swindon £100K
Liquid Nitrogen at RCaH Swindon £57K
Industrial Gases Exeter £50K
Gas for STFC, RAL Swindon £50K
Gases to RAL Swindon £50K
Liquid Nitrogen Swindon £50K
UKRI Helium Swindon £44K
Central Laser Facility at RAL Swindon £42K
Industrial Gases Exeter £40K
1LNB - Goods-Laboratory Gases Newcastle upon Tyne £39K
1LGY - Goods-Labarotary Equipment Newcastle upon Tyne £34K
Laboratory Gases Newcastle upon Tyne £32K
Liquid Nitrogen System Swindon £31K
IEOD Ops Gas Rental Charges Swindon £30K
Gas to NERC, BGS Swindon £30K
Liquid Nitrogen Supply Swindon £25K
Gas for STFC, RAL Swindon £25K
Industrial Gases Exeter £20K
Industrial Gases Exeter £13K

97% of awards have published value. The median published value is £50K.

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