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Over the past year, Ernst & Young has featured in 95 contract award notices. There are 81 unique titles across 32 public sector buyers. Sources are Contracts Finder and OJEU.

Below is a chart of award value against date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 95 data points.)

Recent awards

Below is a sample of all published contract awards.

Shared frameworks
Learning and Development Liverpool £315M
Cyber Security Services Salford £250M
Financial Services Manchester £150M
Internal Audit and Forensic Accounting Services London £12M
Dynamic Purchasing System - Digital Services London £4M
Internal and External Audit Services — Ulster University Coleraine £700K
Futures Framework London £300K
Direct awards
Investment Support Services London £50M
Service Manager for the Global Trade Programme London £26M
Brazil Green Finance Programme London £4M
Financial Advisors for the Operator of Last Resort Liverpool £4M
Land & Property Development Programme Tranche Three Birmingham £3M
CCUS Development: Corporate Finance Advisors London £3M
Transparency - Ed to EY LLP via Under CCS Framework Yeovil £3M
GFC Brazil Programme London £3M
Tax Advisory and Related Services Framework Glasgow £2M
Expert Determination Process Support Leeds £2M
Business Response Framework Glasgow £2M
Primary Supplier Variation Number 2 Liverpool £2M
Consultancy Support for Complex Transactions Team Liverpool £2M
Cabinet Office Consultancy Support for EU Exit Liverpool £1M
Consultancy for Commercial Capability Expansion Programme - Work Package 1 Variation Liverpool £900K
Olr Financial Advisor Da London £850K
Transformation Delivery Partner Plymouth £800K
External Audit Services Edinburgh £485K
EU Exit Contingency Planning Leeds £458K
Financial Consultancy to the SDSR15 Delivery Team Liverpool £441K
Expert Determination Process Support Leeds £400K
UKCS Energy Integration Phase 2 London £400K
Programme Management Services Birmingham £353K
Data Science Expenditure Guildford £313K
Finance Resource for HS2 Ltd Birmingham £306K
Strategic Support for the Development of Transformation Salford £300K
Programme Management and Delivery Support for London Ventures 2019-20 London £300K
Transparency - Ed to EY LLP via Under CCS Framework Yeovil £286K
TEO — (C3)HUB — Training Support and Analytics Belfast £253K
Periodic Assurance Reviews Salford £250K
Tax Advisory Services Glasgow £220K
Consultancy for Project Alphabet - Financial Advisors Liverpool £200K
Transformation Services Exeter £200K
Bus Options Technical Advisory Support Team West Yorkshire £200K
Automation of the Unit Costs Derivation Process Birmingam £185K
VAT Advisory Services Taunton £175K
Full End to End Pilot of Automation of ABS Birmingham £166K
Market Readiness Review Southampton £138K
Future of HR Birmingham £132K
1RDY Service - Audit Newcastle upon Tyne £131K
Consultancy for Business Intelligence and Reporting Liverpool £122K
Highways England Local Authority Data Discovery London £120K
Addtional Resource to Cover GCIA Role London £119K

95% of awards have published value. The median published value is £220K.

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