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Over the past year, Frazer Nash Consultancy has featured in 29 contract award notices. There are 25 unique titles across 11 public sector buyers. Sources are Contracts Finder and OJEU.

Below is a chart of award value against date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 29 data points.)

Recent awards

Below is a sample of all published contract awards.

Shared frameworks
SERAPIS Framework Porton Down £300M
Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Alfreton £100M
Transport Safety Case Support Services Warrington £15M
UKAEA Engineering Design Services Framework Abingdon £10M
Innovator Support Platform Birmingham £5M
Dynamic Purchasing System - Digital Services London £4M
ERDF Digital Growth Consultancy Middlesbrough £346K
Futures Framework London £300K
Fusion Power Plant - Diverter Heat Exchanger Design Challenge Abingdon £180K
SERAPIS Framework Porton Down £___
Direct awards
Cost Model Capability Tasks Oxon £745K
Logical and Physical Architecture Conformance (LPAC) Bristol £417K
Mechanical Engineering Specialist Resource to Support Step 4 of the UK HPR1000 GDA Bootle £372K
Development and Underpinning of Waste Containers for Low Specific Activity Decommissioning ILW (1) Didcot £275K
Development and Underpinning of Waste Containers for Low Specific Activity Decommissioning ILW (1) Didcot £275K
Human Factors Technical Support Bootle £183K
Freight Mapping Tool Discovery Phase London £110K
DIQuest Maintenance and Support: Tasks 1-4 Oxon £88K
Electricity Storage Health and Safety Standards Gap Analysis Swindon £85K
Information to Underpin the UK Nuclear Design Bais Criterion for Naturally Occurring External Hazards Bootle £71K
Development of ONR Guidance for EIADR Bootle £66K
Lead-Lithium Flow Loop Concept Study Abingdon £60K
Human Factors Guidance in the Area of Substantiation for Advanced Human Machine Interfaces Bootle £60K
Methods to Determine High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter Ageing and Cumulative Effects of Dispersed Oil… Bootle £58K
Technical Seminar on Lead Fast Reactor Technologies Bootle £51K
Information on Chromium Doped Fuel for Use Within Light Water Reactors Bootle £45K
Innovative Technological Soluations for Sea Fisheries Control and Enforcement -UAV York £39K

97% of awards have published value. The median published value is £275K.

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