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Supplier summary

Over the past year, Gartner has featured in 19 contract award notices. There are 19 unique titles across 11 public sector buyers. Sources are Contracts Finder and OJEU.

Below is a chart of award value against date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 19 data points.)

Recent awards

Below is a sample of all published contract awards.

Shared frameworks
200000000.00 Birmingham £200M
Consultancy and Advisory Services Birmingham £25M
Advisory Subscription Services, Information & Tools London £180K
Direct awards
Gartner Subscription Renewal Leeds £750K
Strategic IT Advisory Services Manchester £705K
Gartner Leadership Programme Glasgow £197K
Research & Analytics Tool Subscription Based Research Services Under the CCS (G-Cloud 11) Framework Southampton £132K
Gartner Advisory Service Glenrothes £127K
Technology Research Advisory Service Sheffield £115K
Cloud Technical Analysis and Research Advise Leeds £93K
Gartner CIO Service Swansea £61K
Strategic Insight to HMT Liverpool £54K
Gartner for IT Leaders - Individual Access Advisor Sunderland £39K
Gartner Technical Professionals Advisor Team Plymouth £37K
Notice of _Gartner Summit Events London £27K
Audit Leadership Council Meeting Salford £26K
Notice of _Gartner Service's for IT Leaders London £23K
Internal Audit Learning & Development London £45
DSCOM TX Supply Chain Support - March Bristol £___

95% of awards have published value. The median published value is £104K.

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