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Over the past year, Mott Macdonald has featured in 80 contract award notices. There are 66 unique titles across 31 public sector buyers. Sources are Contracts Finder and OJEU.

Below is a chart of award value against date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 80 data points.)

Recent awards

Below is a sample of all published contract awards.

Shared frameworks
Design Services Framework London £640M
National Framework for Professional Services in Construction and Premises Melton £500M
Merseytravel Consultancy Services Multi Party 2019 Liverpool £250M
Professional Services in the Built Environment (Framework) Stoke on Trent £42M
Highways and Transportation Services - Major Schemes Framework Agreement Leeds £30M
System Safety Services London £10M
Traffic Engineering and Parking Consultancy Watford £10M
UKAEA Engineering Design Services Framework Abingdon £10M
Ergonomics Services London £5M
Continuation Services Framework Birmingham £5M
Franchise Advisor Framework Agreement Birmingham £4M
Engineering Consultancy Services Framework Sheffield £3M
IP Central Cost Planning Services Agreement London £2M
Engineering Design Information Management (EDIM) Review & Report Abingdon £140K
Direct awards
GFC South East Asia Programme London £30M
Strengthening the Teaching of Primary School Mathematics in Malawi East Kilbride £17M
Strengthening the Teaching of Primary School Mathematics in Malawi East Kilbride £17M
Business Partnerships for the Global Goals East Kilbride £4M
Programme and Project Management Resources for the NDA Corporate Centre Moor Row £4M
National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS) for Child and Families Social Workers London £3M
DBFO Management Support 2019 Birmingham £2M
Project Support Unit for Non Domestic Energy Efficiency 2020 Edinburgh £2M
Professional Consultancy and Design Services for the Dragon’s Heart Hospital Cardiff £2M
Improved Governance and Accountability for Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo Amendment No 5 East Kilbride £2M
Iep Tech Advisor London £2M
Freetown Water Rehabilitation Project - Programme Management Agency Services Amendment No 1 East Kilbride £1M
Task Based Support to Uplift P3M Capability Within RWM Oxon £699K
HMPPS Moorland (Open) Roof Works BPRN 647/17/3563 Lot 1 London £402K
HMPPS Risley - Fire Safety Improvement Works - BPRN: 591/16/1122 Lot 1 London £326K
HMPPS Kirkham - Fire Alarm and Cell Call - BPRN: 558/17/3571 Lot1 London £295K
Task Based Support to Programme/Strategic Planning Team Oxon £252K
Technical Support (Call-Off) — Industrial Heat Decarbonisation Opportunities Stirling £208K
PSF3 Lots 1B & 2B - Development of an Outline Business Case for Carlisle Station Redevelopment… Carlisle £200K
VoluntaryProject CUBIT Huntindon £200K
Various (HMPPS) - Options Appraisal (Open Places) - BPRN: 783/18/3728 Lot1 London £178K
HMP Low Newton - Replace Roof Coverings BPRN: 570/17/4063 Lot 1 London £166K
PSF3 Lot 2B & 3B - TAA Services for CSLR and the CCC Wider Capital Programme… Carlisle £160K
GWP1 Technical Advisor Services Barking £158K
Hydrogen Heating Technical Support London £150K
Saturn Traffic Model Refresh Chester Ellesmere Port £150K
HMP Swinfen Hall A,B,C & CSU Units Refurbishment Lot 1 Stages 4 - 7 BRPN 603/14/… London £141K
Hoole Corridor Study Ellesmere Port £120K
TSP for RAF Leeming & RAF Shawbury Aircraft Operating Surface Refurbishment and Associated Works Catterick Garrison £107K
Energising Blyth - Preparation of Blyth Town Centre Investment Strategy and Economic Business Case for Future… Morpeth £100K
VOLUNTARYRAF Waddington SHADOW Accelerate - SDSR 15 Uplift Huntingdon £100K
VOLUNTARYTSP Services RAF Waddington Protector/E7 Assurance Huntingdon £100K
Tunnelling Technical Support for the Works to Design and Construct the Kingsway Tunnel Drainage Replacement Service… Liverpool £88K
HMPPS Buckley Hall - Kitchen Fabric & Ventilation Repairs - BPRN: 5151/17/4091 Lot 1 London £87K
HMP Lindholme - Zonal Fencing - BPRN: 578/17/4076 Lot1 London £82K
Osprey Common Data Base Support Leeds £25K

84% of awards have published value. The median published value is £2M.

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