Northamptonshire County Council: Framework for Care and Support in Specialist Housing (CSSH)

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4 year
28 Dec 2018
01 Apr 2019 to 31 Mar 2023
07 Nov 2018 00:00



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NCC is committed to ensuring the availability of high quality, sustainable accommodation offering care and support services to vulnerable adults across the county. The Council is looking to stimulate the development of specialist accommodation with care and support for vulnerable people in Northamptonshire, enabling people to remain active, independent members of the community for as long as possible. The Council is now seeking experienced and suitable providers to provide care and support services in specialist housing under a Care and Support in Specialist Housing (CSSH) Framework Agreement. The term of the framework will be for four years from 1st April 2019. The CSSH Framework is for the supply of care and support to people who fall into the Service Categories below. Providers can submit a bid to provide services in one or more Service Categories: •Service Category 1 - Older People personal care and support •Service Category 2 - Mental Health •Service Category 3 - Learning Disability •Service Category 4 - Learning Disability - Highly Complex •Service Category 5 - Autism •Service Category 6 - Physical Disability •Service Category 7 - Dementia •Service Category 8 - Nursing (Level 3 nursing tasks) The Framework will incorporate a simple and cost effective process of calling off services from providers, either by mini-competition or direct award. The Council are carrying out call offs for care and support services in a number of extra care housing schemes in conjunction with the Framework application process. Providers are asked to submit innovate proposals through the mini-competition process for five Extra Care Housing Lots that support people aged 55 and over within existing accommodation. The five Lots fall into Service Category 1 and include: -Lot 1a Rosewood Court, Wellingborough -Lot 1b Sunley Court, Kettering -Lot 2a Imperial Court, Rushden -Lot 2b St Crispin's Court, Northampton -Lot 3 Langdale Court, Wellingborough Providers that are interested in providing services as per the Lots above must submit the appropriate LOT Questionnaire at the same time as they apply to the Framework. Those providers that only want to apply to the CSSH Framework must submit the Framework Questionnaire to become a Framework provider. It is anticipated that the CSSH Framework will support people to move from a residential care setting, or their own homes, into suitable accommodation where care and support can be effectively accessed. The CSSH Framework will also help to achieve the quality, continuity, affordability, availability and comprehensiveness for the services required. The CSSH Framework will be 'open', meaning that once the initial providers have been awarded a CSSH Framework contract the Council can open up the framework to other providers in the future at the Council's discretion. The deadline for completed Framework applications, and Tender submissions (for the five Lots above) is 12:00noon on 7th November 2018.

Award Detail

1 Nottingham Community Housing Association (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
2 Radis Community Care (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
3 Community Integrated Care (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
4 Carewatch Care Services (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
5 Emh Care & Support (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
6 Excelcare24 (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
7 Family Care Agency (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
8 Extracare Charitable Trust (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
9 Flexible Support Options (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
10 Housing&Care21 (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
11 Accomplish Group (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
12 Richmond Fellowship (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
13 Advance Housing & Support (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
14 Supported Independent Living (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
15 Creative Support (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
16 Aspirations Care (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
17 Voyage (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
18 Leonard Cheshire Disability (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
19 Care Solutions Group (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
20 Dimensions (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
21 Royal Mencap Society (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000
22 Thera Trust (None)
  • Value: £155,000,000

CPV Codes

  • 85000000 - Health and social work services


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs