Renewable Energy Supply for Cheshire East Council's In-Vessel Composting Plant and Grid Supply - PIN

A Pre-Procuement Notice

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10 Jul 2019
01 Apr 2020 to 31 Mar 2021
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Cheshire East Council (the Council) is exploring the opportunity to develop a renewable energy supply to the in-vessel composting plant which is currently under construction at Leighton Grange Farm. The plant will be operational from November 2019 and operated under a 15 year contract. Whilst the Council are primarily interested in a direct supply agreement to the plant we would not exclude opportunities or proposals to supply other establishments and/or to export to the grid. The Council wishes to consult with suitably experienced organisations that have a proven track record in relation to the design, build and operation of a renewable energy scheme. The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of market participants and to help the Council in the planning and conduct of the procurement procedure. Before finalising the procurement procedure, the Council is seeking the views of potential market participants through responses to the questions in the questionnaire at Appendix 2. The views of the responding organisations will be carefully considered by the Council in finalising the choice of delivery model and development of the procurement procedure. The Council is keen to understand the attractiveness to the market of the opportunity and any modifications or features that will help deliver the Council's Aims and Objectives. The background document and the questionnaire will be available on The Chest e-tendering portal at: - Project ID DN411423. Completed questionnaires should be returned via the Chest by the deadline date of 12:00 noon; 09.08.2019 There are no restrictions on the word count or format of the completed questionnaires. Respondents are asked to provide the name and contact details of the person submitting the questionnaire on the organisation's behalf. When submitting a response to the questionnaire, responding organisations should clearly indicate which (if any) part of their response they view as commercially confidential. Any such response must be clearly marked "Confidential" and the responding organisation must set out the reason(s) why. If you intend to submit a response to the PIN, please note your organisation must bear all costs associated with the procurement process, including the site visit and attendance at clarification meetings. The Council intends to proceed to procurement in late 2019, however makes no guarantees that this PIN will be followed with a Contract Notice or tender. This Prior Information Notice (PIN) is an indication of potential future procurement activity and is subject to change. The PIN is not part of any pre-qualification or selection process and is not a commitment to procure anything. The Council is keen to explore all options or solutions that may be currently available in the market and would like to engage with potential providers.

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