Intensive Care and Support Service: Bridgemeadow, Ellesmere Port

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Contract (Services)
3 year (est.)
11 Jul 2019
To 10 Jul 2022 (est.)




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An intensive community support service at Bridgemeadow, Ellesmere Port. (non in-patient setting).

Total Quantity or Scope

The Council along with our local strategic partners (West Cheshire and Vale Royal CCG’s) remain committed to seeing a substantial shift away from the reliance on inpatient care. Subsequently we are commissioning a local intensive community support resource (Bridgemeadow) to assist with reintegrating small numbers of people back into the community (from hospital)and/or preventing people already in the community from unnecessarily escalating into acute/secondary services. Bridgemeadow will effectively operate as a ‘step up/step down’ service. At Bridgemeadow, the provider will deliver care and support to up to 3 people with complex needs, some of whom also have co-existing conditions such as: autistic spectrum conditions, complex mental health issues, epilepsy and physical and sensory disabilities. Some individuals will also exhibit severe challenging behaviours. A core aim of the scheme is to work intensively with individuals for a period ranging anywhere between 6 and 24 months (indicative), dependent on the needs of the individuals and their circumstances. This will always be assessed and determined on a case by case basis. All service users residing at Bridgemeadow will be regularly assessed by Council Officers and/or strategic partners (e.g. CCG’s/CHC officers) to ensure that each individual’s length of stay is proportionate and in accordance with the individual’s plan of care. The service will be expected to (non exhaustive): (a) support nominated individuals to re-integrate/transition back into the community (for individuals being discharged from hospital). This will require the provider to be flexible and work in locations other than Bridgemeadow. (b) support people to achieve key outcomes and milestones; (c) work intensively with people in the community to avoid the deterioration or escalation of their condition, thus avoiding more restrictive interventions (e.g. in-patient care); (d) work in partnership with multi-agency services to provide ‘wrap around support’; (e) reduce the frequency and intensity of the individual’s presentations using techniques that are in accordance with the multi-disciplinary team approach, and concordant with legislation/best practice; (f) support people to eventually move on to independent living in a more ‘permanent’ setting. Note the authority is operating this procurement under the light touch regime for social and other specific services, as set out in the PCR 2015, at Section 7 (Regulations 74 to 77) and Schedule 3. We intend to exercise the full flexibility offered by these regulations and, if any related services are required during the lifetime of the contract, then we will explore the efficiency and effectiveness of adding them to this contract. Possible additional work may include but would not be limited to: — in order to help prevent or reduce the need for hospital admissions (e.g under the Mental Health Act), we may require the provider to undertake more preventative/outreach work in the community (in addition to the accommodation based provision at Bridgemeadow), — supported living, — further step up/step down provision, — day services/day opportunities inc. community projects and groups, — short breaks/respite support services. This is not a guarantee of additional work.

Award Detail

1 Affinity Trust (Oxfordshire)
  • Intensive Care and Support Service: Bridgemeadow, Ellesmere Port
  • Reference: 1

CPV Codes

  • 85000000 - Health and social work services

Other Information

Contract duration 3 years with the option to extend by up to 2 years. The contract award value is a total estimate over 5 years given the unknown number, occupancy rate and client complexity over that period