All Wales Data Quality System (DQS) for General Medical Practices’ (GMP)

A Modification Notice

Contract (Supply)
5 year
12 Jul 2019
To 11 Jul 2024 (est.)



GP Practices in Wales

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2 buyers

1 supplier


NHS Wales had a requirement for a single provider to be appointed to provide a new data quality system and associated products and services. The associated products and services will predominantly be the provision of licences, maintenance, support, training and consultancy services to allow for the potential development of new modules and development consultancy for the provision of a ‘Data Quality System' to support data quality and reporting activities of individual General Medical Practices (GP practices) in relation to national and local requirements. The system is required to include: — a GP Practice based software utility that will extract, analyse, and present data held within the host GP clinical systems based on data queries deployed to the utility as and when required, — a query authoring tool to enable NHS Wales (or the supplier under the instruction of NHS Wales) to author and deploy data queries to the GP Practice software utility in the form of individual queries or suites of queries contained within specific modules, — the ability to integrate with the host GP clinical systems to enable the provision of enhanced functionality such as prompts and alerts etc., — a secure transfer mechanism for the export of aggregated and non aggregated practice data to various data recipients, — data submission management; and — the provision of a central data repository hosted within the NHS Wales Data Centre.

Award Detail

1 Informatica Systems (Leatherhead)
  • All Wales Data Quality System (DQS) for General Medical Practices’ (GMP)
  • Reference: p307

CPV Codes

  • 72500000 - Computer-related services
  • 48000000 - Software package and information systems
  • 48180000 - Medical software package
  • 48810000 - Information systems
  • 48814000 - Medical information systems

Other Information

NWIS is seeking to extend the current agreement for 2 years on an annual basis. The rationale behind this decision is as follows: — enables NWIS to provide uninterrupted pre and post migration support throughout the entire GMP Clinical Systems upgrade and/or replacement programme, — enables NWIS to develop a solution to support GMPs that will be migrating to the new entrant (Microtest) to the Welsh GMP market thereby ensuring continuity of service, — ensures the delivery of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and its associated payments to practices for 2018/19 (41 500 000 GBP payment in 2017/18) by 30.6.2019, — enables the development and implementation of software and reporting tools to support GMPs in delivering the ‘Quality Improvement Programme’ (the replacement to QOF) from 1.4.2019, — ensures the continuity of support to many operational requirements for national initiatives during this period of GMP clinical system refresh/replacement programme, — allows NWIS to complete a formal strategic review and market assessment prior to undertaking a new procurement or other approach to provisioning i.e. under an existing agreement. The review will be a thorough one to examine all potential new functionality available in the market and which meets the Authority’s requirements in line with Welsh Government policy. The exercise will also include a review of comparable products provided by the GP Systems Suppliers and provisioned under the existing Agreements. It is anticipated that this review and market assessment will commence in quarter 3 2019. (WA Ref:90980)