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As the UK's most used tender search website, it's our aim to offer industry leading products. We're offering a limited number of lifetime plans, giving you access to more tenders and historical data - for life.

Lifetime Features

Lifetime Access

Access forever to BidStats Data and Tenders

More Data Access

View historical awards, go back upto 5 years

Download Reports (Data)

Export Data from searches into Excel/CSV from Q3/22

Human Support

Industry leading support on Chat for you

Bid Writer Discounts

Access reduced cost Bid Writing Services

iOS/Android Apps

Launching from Q2/22, exclusive app notifications

Expert Webinars

Monthly invites to exclusive bidding webinars

Private Tenders

We're introducing access to private sector tenders

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  • Time Limited Access
  • < 5 Tenders Per Day
  • Restricted Analytics
  • Robo-Support
  • Limited History
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Plus (1 Year Access)


  • 12 months access
  • Unlimited Tenders
  • Unlimited Analytics
  • Chat/Email Support
  • 3 years History
  • App Access in Q3/22
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Lifetime Access


  • Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited Tenders
  • Unlimited Analytics
  • Chat/Email Support
  • 5 Years of Historical Data
  • Excel/CSV Downloads from Q3/22
  • New Private Tenders from Q2/22
  • Dedicated Mobile app from Q3/22
  • Expert Webinars (Monthly)
  • Bid Writer Discounts
  • Early feature access
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Why Lifetime Access?

We at OPPORTUNI see ourselves as mere custodians of the BidStats website and all the good it has provided to people, businesses, schools and charities since its origin.

As custodians, we're looking at bringing options in that would secure the long-term planning of BidStats for the next decade and open up its data even more to those who need it daily for work or research.

This plan involves providing a strictly limited offer to members interested in having more extensive access to data and tenders. We expect to sell out within a few days as we have over 30,000 daily active users and sold on a first-come, first-served basis only.