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03 Feb 2021
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The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) wishes to contract for a Mobility as a Service (“MaaS”) application for its transport operations in the West Midlands. The expectation is that the MaaS application will be a white-label commercially off-the-shelf application, which is licensed from the supplier. As well as the WMCA, the MaaS application may be utilised by other public bodies and transport operators. It is envisaged that the initial term of contract will be 5 years in duration, with an option for WMCA to extend for a total renewal term of up to 4 years in increments of 1 to 2 year renewal terms . This is subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of tender publication. To express an interest in this PIN and receive further information regarding our supplier engagement event, please see section VI.3 (additional Information)

Total Quantity or Scope

WMCA defines Mobility as a Service as a one-stop end-user interface - normally in the form of a mobile application - with which end-users can plan, book and pay for a journey(s) across multiple transport modes, including bus, tram, train, cycling, walking, bikeshare, car club, car hire, taxi, micro-mobility, and parking. WMCA is looking for a supplier that can: 1) Deliver, run, further develop, improve, expand and maintain a commercial off-the-shelf MaaS application that can be made available to end-users travelling in the West Midlands; 2) Deliver a Minimum Viable Product ("MVP") of the MaaS application within 6 months of contract award; 3) Support, manage and monitor the MaaS application. WMCA seeks a supplier who is willing and able to give WMCA either direct influence on the roadmap for the further development of the MaaS application or have a roadmap which aligns with WMCA's for Mobility as a Service. As a minimum, WMCA requires the MaaS application to enable end-users to: - plan journey(s) utilising multiple transport modes, including bus, tram, train, cycling, walking, bikeshare, car club, car hire, taxi, micro-mobility, and parking; - find and purchase single and season tickets for such multiple transport modes; and - access information on disruptions and service alerts in respect of the multiple transport modes. WMCA requires: - Requirement 1: a front-end MaaS application and the required infrastructure to support this. - Requirement 2: a journey planner, which will support and be integrated into the MaaS application and be exposed as an API for use in other systems and services. - Requirement 3: development services to support the build and maintenance of a bespoke data integration layer, owned and controlled by WMCA and/or transport operators which will aggregate, and clean data as required, including from external sources such as open data, and facilitate interfaces between the front-end and other back-end systems. These elements may be procured through either a single or multiple tenders. We anticipate that feedback received as part of the Supplier Engagement Event will assist us in identifying the best option going forward. WMCA does not seek a front-end supplier which will seek to provide all back-end functionality or replace existing back-end functionality. Rather, WMCA seeks a decoupled, API-first architecture, which means that WMCA can retain the ability to expose the capabilities used in MaaS in other channels and retain control over the solution. In particular, the following existing or new capabilities will be developed separately and must be integrated into MaaS: - Backend ticketing solution APIs (for ticketing transactions, user validation and user account history); - Real time information provision, for timetable and real-time information for bus and tram. The services made available in the MaaS application will be determined by WMCA and/or transport operators in the region, who will determine e.g. which transport modes are integrated with the platform, which transport operators are integrated with the platform, pricing, ticket types, etc. The front-end supplier will not form independent commercial relationships with service providers and promote them in the app. The data obtained and processed in the MaaS application will exclusively belong to WMCA and/or the transport operators in the region, rather than the front-end app provider. First-line end-user support through a help-desk is outside the scope of this contract.

CPV Codes

  • 48000000 - Software package and information systems
  • 72421000 - Internet or intranet client application development services


Other Information

Further key detail around expressing an interest in this exercise are listed below: Portal Website: PIN Title: Mobility as a Service - Front End App Bravo Solution Project Reference: Project_392 Once registered, please access Project_392 on our e-tendering portal and respond to PQQ_130 to submit company information and confirm your interest in attending the Market Consultation Webinar on 23rd February 2021 from 12pm - 5pm. This is not a formal PQQ or expression of interest in a tender exercise. It is to be used purely for suppliers to submit general information to WMCA and to express interest in taking part in a Market Consultation Webinar. Following the Market Consultation exercise, feedback from the event will be considered and built into the wider tender opportunity, which is expected to be published around April/May 2021. Please fill in the Qualification Envelope (Bravo Reference: PQQ_130 , Market Consultation Event for MAAS Front End App * Not Evaluated* by the closing date of 18th February 2021at 12.00pm.