Uig Harbour Redevelopment - Re-advertisement

A Contract Award Notice

Framework (Works)
2 year (est.)
24 Aug 2021
To 24 Aug 2023 (est.)



Uig, Isle of Skye

Geochart for 2 buyers and 1 suppliers

2 buyers

1 supplier


Subject to funding availability, infrastructure improvement works at Uig Harbour to include widening of existing berthing structure, relocation of existing waiting shelter, widening of existing approachway, new fendering to existing berthing structure and widened approachway, replacement of existing linkspan, lifting dolphins and bankseat, covered passenger walkway shelter, dredging of seabed, new mooring bollards and pier furniture, reinstatement of boat steps, extended marshalling area, concrete repairs to existing pier head and approachway structure, cathodic protection system to steelwork and upgraded electrical, street lighting and water services.

Total Quantity or Scope

All subject to funding availabilty. Infrastructure improvement works at Uig Harbour to include: -Widening and strengthening of existing berthing structure with circular cell solid structure including associated temporary works, steel piling, precast and insitu reinforced concrete, mooring bollards, fixtures and fittings -New lifting dolphins and bankseat for new linkspan and removal of existing lifting dolphins bankseat and piles -New linkspan -Concrete repairs to existing pier head and approachway structure -Relocated waiting shelter -New covered passenger walkway shelter Widening of existing approachway -Reinstatement of boat steps -Extended marshalling area with reclamation from the sea with imported rock fill, rock armour, paving, lighting, drainage, road markings and other ancillary works. new marshalling area to include relocation of fishermen’s compound area and relocation of dry berth area with new sheet pile wall -Design and provision of new pier and approachway widening fendering system supported on fender piles and steelwork -Design and provision of cathodic protection system to steelwork -Provision of upgraded electrical and water services to support ferry and harbour user operations -Dredging of seabed

Award Detail

1 RJ Mcleod Contractors (Glasgow)
  • Reference: dec402459
  • Num offers: 2
  • Value: £41,437,000

Award Criteria

Quality 60.0
Price 40.0

CPV Codes

  • 45244000 - Marine construction works
  • 45241000 - Harbour construction works
  • 45000000 - Construction work
  • 45200000 - Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work


  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

Marine and European Protected Species Licenses for the construction and dredging works will require environmental management measures. All Companies wishing to express interest should complete the ESPD document and must also submit the ESPD "Details of Work Experience" form either by email to mike.stephens@highland.gov.uk or upload this form via PCS before the pre-qualification deadline. Both forms are attached as Additional Documentation to this advertisement. The restricted number of companies will then be invited to tender on the basis of recent experience of works of this nature, capability and financial factors - in accordance with the Scoring Matrix as attached as Additional Documentation. (SC Ref:664566)