Ministry of Justice Opportunity-Youth Education Service Provision 2021

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7 year
27 Aug 2021
01 Sep 2022 to 31 Aug 2029
30 Jun 2021 12:00



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This Notice is issued by the Ministry of Justice on behalf of the Secretary of State for Justice (the "Authority"). This Notice is to invite bidders, with experience in delivering educational services, to bid for contracts in respect of each of the following sites (each site being a "Lot"): HMYOI Cookham Wood - Current Annual Contract Value £2.5M HMYOI Feltham A - Current Annual Contract Value £2.7M HMYOI Werrington - Annual Contract Value £2.0M HMYOI Wetherby - Annual Contract Value £3.8M The above values are the current budgets FY 2021/22. Please note the value of these contracts can fluctuate based on the population within the establishments. The intention is that 4 separate contracts will be concluded - one for each Lot. The procurement will follow Light Touch Regime. Bidders can bid for all 4 Lots and can win a maximum of 2 Lots. There are variations between each of the Lots including; Size, geographical location and demographics of the cohort including age, ethnicity, learning difficulties and disabilities, previous educational background and attainment, and risk profiles. Other variables include sentence length, type of stay (remand, custodial sentence) and proportion of the population transitioning to the adult estate or resettling into the community and built environment - i.e. physical infrastructure of the YOI including the number and size of classrooms. Potential bidders' suitability to participate will be assessed using a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). Following the initial evaluation, shortlisted potential bidders will be issued an Invitation To Tender (ITT). A process of engagement will be used to confirm understanding and acceptability of the proposed contract documents including requirements and contract terms. The Authority reserves the right to down-select bidders that fail to meet the award criteria during the engagement process. Following closure of the engagement process all remaining bidders will be invited to present a final tender. Following the Authority's evaluation of such tender a preferred bidder will be selected. The Authority will then endeavour to finalise a contract with the preferred bidder. The Authority reserves the right to appoint a reserve tender during the preferred bidder stage with whom the Authority will endeavour to finalise a contract if the preferred bidder cannot stand up to their subsequent tender. The Authority reserves the right to invite additional potential bidders to tender in certain circumstances, for example if a shortlisted potential bidder withdraws from the procurement process. The award criteria will be on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender in terms of the tender representing the best price-quality ratio. The Authority envisages that the price-quality ratio will be approximately 25% (price) and 75% (quality) however this may be updated during the engagement process.

CPV Codes

  • 75230000 - Justice services
  • 75231210 - Imprisonment services
  • 80000000 - Education and training services
  • 80210000 - Technical and vocational secondary education services
  • 80310000 - Youth education services


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.
  • Contract is suitable for VCOs.

Other Information

Scope of the Requirement We require Suppliers to design and deliver a "core education service" for children and young adults in the YOIs - a broad and balanced curriculum using various and innovative delivery methods to meet the needs of all Learners including, but not limited to, traditional face-to-face classroom-based teaching and digitally enabled in-room learning. The broad and balanced curriculum will include (but not be limited to) literacy and numeracy (specifically Maths and English), English for Speakers of Other Languages ("ESOL"), Personal, Health, Social and Economic Education (PHSEE) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The Supplier will be ultimately responsible for designing the content of the curriculum. A flexible and responsive approach from the Supplier is therefore essential to delivery of the Services. The Supplier will provide a careers advice service which is independent of the rest of the service and which aligns with the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance. The core service at HMYOI Wetherby will include library services from contract commencement. Other activities covered within the scope of the requirement include working with other partners providing services to the YOI and ICT services related to education. We may require the provision of certain optional services and/or additional services. There is no obligation for us to take any such services from the Suppliers and nothing shall prevent us from receiving services that are the same as or similar to the optional services or the additional services from any third party. Optional Services HMYOI Wetherby: Youth Work Optional Services HMYOI Feltham: Youth Work and Library Services Optional Services HMYOI Cookham Wood: Youth Work and Library Services Optional Services HMYOI Werrington: Youth Work and Library Services The library is a service for children and young adults at the YOIs to use, borrow and exchange books and to access other resources such as newspapers. A service must be provided to those who are not able to visit the library in person including those subjects to separation or for other reasons. Youth work encompasses a broad range of activity designed to engage children and young adults at the YOIs in meaningful personal and social development processes. Such activity might include running youth clubs and one-to-one support and facilitating the engagement of those in custody with education and other on-site activities. Suppliers may be offered the opportunity to deliver additional educational services, for example learning through drama or music interventions, adding to existing education provision as needs arise. The values for these services including the optional services is estimated to be £1.9M across the 4 Lots.