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Market Engagement for Community Diagnostic Centre Framework Refresh 1

A Pipeline Notice

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4 year
14 Mar 2022
01 Nov 2022 to 12 Dec 2026



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NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit (AGCSU) on behalf of NHS England (NHSE) would like to inform potential bidders of the upcoming Refresh 1 procurement process for the Community Diagnostic Centre Framework. The market engagement (ME) event for this will be held virtually on 7th April 10am - 11am. If you wish to attend, please send a message via the messaging facility on EU Supply, with the relevant details by 12 noon on the 5th April (See Note section of the ME Questionnaire). The deadline for questionnaire responses is by 12 noon on 12th April. The objective of Framework Agreement (FA) is to: support the Contracting Authorities' (CAs) ability to improve population health: increase diagnostic capacity: improve productivity and efficiency of diagnostic activity, contribute to reducing health inequalities, deliver a better and more personalised diagnostic experience for patients and support integration of care. The framework is divided into a number of clinical diagnostic modalities (End-to-End, Imaging, Pathology, Physiological Measurement and Endoscopy) and sub-modalities. Successful providers onto the framework (a "Provider" and "Providers") will, during the procurement process and potentially during the term of the framework, identify those modalities and sub-modalities which they are capable of providing in identified locations and identify whether or not they have their own facilities from which such services could be provided (though this will not be evaluated in competition). A FA will be entered into by NHSE on behalf of all CAs with each successful Provider assessed as capable of providing such Services (or any of them) through this procurement process. The term of each FA awarded pursuant to this procurement will have an end date of 12 Dec 2024 with an option to extend for a further [24 month period]. The FTS Notice for the initial procurement for this Framework is: 2021/S 000-014751. As permitted pursuant to Regulation 74(7)), NHS England is intending to open a window in April 2022, to include opportunities for : a) Providers that failed one or more modalities in the initial procurement process. These providers may re-bid for the modalities that they failed, or add or remove modalities in their submission at Refresh. b) Providers that were successful in the initial procurement process to bid for additional modalities; c) Providers that did not bid in initial procurement process to now bid. New FAs awarded shall be for the remaining length of original Term only); When awarding contracts pursuant to the framework it will be for CAs to determine which modalities or sub-modalities they wish to purchase based on local need and award will be permitted on the basis of either criteria set out in the FA or further competition among those on the Framework. Contracts called off from the Framework from CAs shall be based upon the NHS Standard Contract or Sub-Contract at National/Local NHS Prices, discounts may be offered.

Total Quantity or Scope

YEAR: 2022/2023; BUDGET: 2,000,000,000.00

CPV Codes

  • 85100000 - Health services


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.
  • Contract is suitable for VCOs.

Other Information

To complete the Market Engagement Questionnaire, please go to The questionnaire is in "Quote/tender 50614 - NHSEI/CDCF/R1ME - Market Engagement for Community Diagnostic Centre Framework Refresh 1". Useful information available: