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4 year
22 Jul 2022
To 09 Aug 2026 (est.)
30 Aug 2022 11:00



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NHS Shared Business Services act in an Agency capacity for and on behalf of its customers (Approved Organisations) - existing and new. These comprise of NHS and Social Care organisations (whether acting individually, or on behalf of, or together as members of any consortia) along with any other public or private sector bodies which NHS SBS authorises to use the resulting Framework. [NHS Shared Business Services Limited (NHS SBS) intends to put in place a Framework Agreement for the provision of Insourcing of Clinical Services and related Goods and Services for Healthcare to be used by Approved Organisations.] This procurement is being conducted under the Light Touch Regime ('LTR'). It will be conducted in accordance with regulations 74 to 77 of The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015), and relates to the legal services which are listed in Schedule 3 of the PCR 2015 as a specific service. Competition may be re-opened under the light touch regime at specific points during the terms should it be deemed appropriate or should there be sufficient new entrants into the marketplace. New Entrants will only be awarded contracts for the remaining term of the Framework Agreement. We are committed to working with suppliers who are dedicated to Sustainability and Social Value and there will be a significant weighting on these elements in the tender. We are not looking for the following:- This Framework Agreement specifically excludes agency staffing. Our Approved Organisation list can be found on:

Total Quantity or Scope

Bidders will deliver all the mandatory requirements as detailed in the Specification section of the Framework Agreement There are additional Selection Qualification (SQ), Award Questionnaire (AQ) requirements, and Bidder Declarations applicable, and Bidders are asked to respond to these also. Additional information: Successful Suppliers may be requested after award to present their offer in the form of electronic catalogues.

CPV Codes

  • 85100000 - Health services
  • 85110000 - Hospital and related services


  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Renewals are not available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** Due to a change in system we were unable to link this contract notice to the pin issued. The pin number is FTS 00 1241 - 2022 The value provided in 2.6 is only an estimate. NHS SBS cannot guarantee to successful Suppliers any business through this Framework Agreement. Spend and volumes may vary throughout the life of the Framework Agreement from the anticipated levels given in this notice.