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10 Feb 2021
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The University of Exeter is proposing to replace its existing collection of assessment management, marking, moderating and feedback systems supplied both internally and externally. We are seeking a proven, robust, user-friendly, intuitive, configurable out-the-box system without the need for customisation.

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The University of Exeter is wanting to find a system that can deliver consistency and efficiency in the end-to-end management of the assessment process and reduces the time spent on administrative and non-added value activities such as the collection of examination scripts. It must be capable of servicing both academics setting, marking and moderating assessments, and professional services staff undertaking administration, quality assurance, and reporting. To be an enabler of standardised assessment best practices, and risk reduction. Drivers: a. Increased need to deliver all assessments online. b. Protect our market-share against increased competition. c. Desire to expand the University’s programme offerings to a geographically wider student base. d. Need to provide a more cost-effective approach. e. The need for flexibility and adaptability to meet future requirements. f. Enhance the University’s global reputation. g. The need to improve the student and staff experience. h. To reduce the potential risk of academic misconduct. i. Ensure that the University of Exeters platforms are compliant with the Regulatory Principles of e-Assessment. Objectives: b. To provide a flexible solution that can deliver assessments anywhere, anytime. c. To provide students and staff with an unparalleled, frictionless assessment experience. d. To provide a scalable and extensible assessment solution. e. To provide an assessment service which maximises the value of the University’s offerings whilst reducing professional overheads. f. To provide an assessment solution that can deliver multiple different types of assessment formats to meet changing business processes. g. To provide a high quality and robust assessment, marking and feedback processes. h. To provide a user-friendly, intuitive system for academics, students and professional services. i. To reduce the potential risk of academic misconduct: i. To provide a mechanism to assess academic integrity such as plagiarism prevention. ii. To provide a remote proctoring/invigilation system. j. To ensure that the solution can comply with the provisions of UK GDPR and is compliant with Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Should you be interested in assisting the University undertake this process please provide the information outlined below using a maximum of 3 sides of A4. Please send this to procurement@exeter.ac.uk with the header clearly stating the reference UOE/2020/077/DB. The University will approach a broad spectrum of the market, however it may not approach everyone who submits information. This will not preclude you from taking part in the subsequent procurement exercise. Key Information • Contact details • Service overview • Product overview • Partners • Customer success

CPV Codes

  • 48332000 - Scheduling software package
  • 48000000 - Software package and information systems
  • 48190000 - Educational software package
  • 48219300 - Administration software package


Other Information

It should be noted that this process is not designed to elicit commercial proposals from suppliers, and those suppliers engaged at this stage shall not be advantaged in any subsequent procurement exercise. Suppliers not wishing to participate in this request for information shall not be precluded from participation in any future procurement exercise.