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Contract (Services)
7.5 year (est.)
22 Feb 2021
To 15 Sep 2028 (est.)



United Kingdom: UK wide

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The Ambulance Radio Programme (‘ARP’) on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (the ‘Authority’) is seeking to procure a supplier to provide suitable field support, logistics and vehicle installation services for vehicle hardware for use in vehicles such as ambulances by service recipients, including the English Ambulance Trusts and potentially also other service recipients, such as the Welsh Ambulance ServiceNHS Trust, the Scottish Ambulance Service and the Fire and Rescue Services and the Police Services in Great Britain if those bodies elect to participate in the procurement.

Total Quantity or Scope

The principal objective of the procurement is to provide suitable field support, logistics and vehicle installation services of hardware for use by service recipients in vehicles used by ambulance services, the police service and fire and rescue services across Great Britain.The field support service omprises:— provision of appropriately skilled support personnel to work alongside the service recipients to providetechnical support, principally (but not exclusively) for the hardware implemented into vehicles.The principal activities of the support personnel are expected to be:— fault finding and fixes;— new equipment installs, de- and re-install and testing,— auditing installed equipment,— following relevant processes and notifying the Authority’s service desk accordingly,— following relevant trust processes, and— maintaining close liaison with the relevant Ambulance Trust and the Authority’s service team.A logistics service is required to support the installation and field support work described above. The logisticsservice has the following elements:— order fulfilment,— spares and returns management,— spares storage, and— disposal service.A separate vehicle installation service is required for the bulk roll-out of the new vehicle hardware as follows:.The vehicle hardware to be installed comprises:— a ‘Vehicle Router’ — a ‘smart’ mobile router suitable for use in a vehicle, capable of connecting to multiple mobile communications bearers (including the Emergency Service Network ‘ESN’) and providing various capabilities, connectivity and interface ports to support the Authority’s National Mobilisation Application ‘NMA’functionality, — a ‘Vehicle Tablet’ — a ruggedised touch screen tablet device suitable for running the NMA application (with small and large screen options), — a ‘Vehicle Dock’ — a dock suitable for securely mounting the Vehicle Tablet in the vehicle, and — ‘Accessories’ — associated hardware items such as antennas, wiring looms, connectors, external controls,audio microphones/loudspeakers, etc.Phases:In order to achieve the above, the procurement includes the following delivery phases:— mobilisation: delivering planning workshops with the Authority and other Authority suppliers to develop and review the required service management design, field support resource plan, vehicle installation plan, logisticsservice design, including the reference vehicle installation design documentation, testing relevant support procedures documentation and initial installations prior to roll out of vehicle installations,— transition: delivering vehicle installations, testing and acceptance, providing the field support services to service recipients and providing the supporting logistics services,— steady state: provision of the above services business as usual with relevant updates, and— future services: adding (at the Authority's discretion) any future services into the scope of this procurement.A key example is to allow for future installation of hardware provision/modifications and/or support work required in order to be able to support the ESN voice application, once details of this are established.Detailed information on the scope of the procurement is provided on the eTendering portal referred to in Section I.1) above.

Award Detail

1 Telent Technology Services (Warwick)
  • Reference: 003461-2021-1
  • Value: £23,632,172

Renewal Options

The Authority may extend the term of the agreement for up to 2 years (by way of 1 or more extension notices) by giving notice.The Authority will have the option to place orders under the agreement on behalf of service recipients, as detailed below and in the procurement documents. The Authority will have the option to place orders on behalf of:(a) the English Ambulance Trusts;(b) the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust;(c) the Scottish Ambulance Service;(d) any body which is authorised under the National Health Service Act 2006 to provide goods and services for the purposes of the health service (‘NHS Trusts’);(e) the NHS bodies;(f) the law enforcement organisations set out in the list located at URL: or anyreplacement or successor URL; and(g) the fire and rescue organisations set out in the list located at URL: -Services or any replacement or successor URL and any successor bodies thereto that perform anyof the functions previously performed by any of the foregoing bodies.‘English Ambulance Trusts’ are each of the following:(a) East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust;(b) East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust;(c) Isle of Wight NHS Trust;(d) London Ambulance Service NHS Trust;(e) North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust;(f) North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust;(g) South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust;(h) South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust;(i) South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust;(j) West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust;(k) Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. And any successor bodies thereto that perform any of the functions previously performed by any of the foregoing bodies.

Award Criteria

Quality 70
price 30

CPV Codes

  • 51611100 - Hardware installation services
  • 51000000 - Installation services (except software)


  • Options are available.

Other Information

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