Outsourced ICT Framework Agreement

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Framework (Services)
4 year
23 Feb 2021
To 11 May 2025 (est.)
29 Mar 2021 11:00



United Kingdom

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CPC are seeking to create a framework on behalf of educational establishments for ICT Outsourcery, covering services and consultancy. This process looks to appoint service providers capable of providing on-site and remote ICT services in addition to independent consultancy with a view to appoint such service providers. This tender will be available to all current and future members of CPC: https://www.thecpc.ac.uk/members/regions.php https://www.gov.uk/guidance/get-information-about-schools

Lot Division

1 Outsourced ICT Services
  • Value: £95M

This lot covers all services involved in providing an outsourced managed service for information communication technology. This includes but is not limited to: • Remote and on-site service provision for proactive and reactive support including monitoring, incident managing, testing, fault fixing, backup and disaster recovery, data protection, patch management, etc. • IT asset and configuration management, release management • Supporting staff with new IT developments, IT procurement, service integration and management, set up of IT equipment (e.g. for use in lessons, assemblies, meetings) where there is an on-site requirement, advice etc. • Project management and development of IT strategies & refreshment, and other additional ad-hoc requirements

2 Outsourced ICT Consultancy
  • Value: £5M

This lot is specifically for consultancy and design services where a solution is yet to be defined. The purpose of this lot is to attract independent consultants who can utilise expertise from a technical standpoint, offering objective recommendations to support a tendering process for an outsourced ICT service by working in conjunction with an institutions’ procurement staff. Service is expected to culminate in a final objective report, which may be the result of (but is not limited to): • Fact-finding processes, liaising with engineers and IT support staff, data analysis, determining information system requirements and defining project objectives • Making recommendations such as suggesting appropriate hardware, software, systems, service levels etc. • Compiling reports and presenting information, understanding practices and the objectives of the institution, assisting with the creation of IT strategies and the development of effective IT procedures, analysis of data and potential issues • Assessment of security loopholes, obsolete assets, inefficiencies etc. • Assisting with tendering processes from a technical standpoint, including providing technical advice to benefit tender clarifications and evaluation.

Renewal Options

48 month(s) from the commencement date, with 24 initial month(s) and option to extend 2x12 month(s)

CPV Codes

  • 72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support
  • 72253200 - Systems support services
  • 72315200 - Data network management services
  • 50312610 - Maintenance of information technology equipment
  • 72540000 - Computer upgrade services
  • 50324000 - Support services of personal computers
  • 72222300 - Information technology services
  • 72720000 - Wide area network services
  • 72250000 - System and support services
  • 72700000 - Computer network services
  • 72910000 - Computer back-up services
  • 50312600 - Maintenance and repair of information technology equipment
  • 72261000 - Software support services
  • 72267100 - Maintenance of information technology software
  • 72253100 - Helpdesk services
  • 72251000 - Disaster recovery services
  • 50312310 - Maintenance of data network equipment
  • 72590000 - Computer-related professional services
  • 50312620 - Repair of information technology equipment
  • 72511000 - Network management software services
  • 72253000 - Helpdesk and support services
  • 72228000 - Hardware integration consultancy services
  • 72120000 - Hardware disaster-recovery consultancy services
  • 72246000 - Systems consultancy services
  • 72100000 - Hardware consultancy services
  • 72227000 - Software integration consultancy services


  • Restrictions apply to the lot award allocation.
  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Options are available.
  • Renewals are not available.

Other Information

The tender is also available for NWUPC members: https://www.nwupc.ac.uk/our-members EANI (Education Authority Northern Ireland) www.eani.org.uk/ and the following UK public sector bodies (and any future successors to these organisations): https://www.thecpc.ac.uk/suppliers/eligible-public-sector-bodies.php ** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. **