Procurement for the provision of Endoscopy Services to Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

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8 year
25 Feb 2021
06 Jan 2022 to 05 Jan 2030
29 Mar 2021 12:00



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Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (the Commissioner) seeks to commission a Community Endoscopy service for patients registered with a GP in Oxfordshire. The successful provider will deliver a safe and clinically effective service that will provide rapid local access to diagnostic endoscopy for patients that will include gastroscopy, colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy. The community based service will offer a range of elective, suspected cancer and routine community based endoscopies from across the county within geographically suitable locations to meet demand and improve travel times. The service offering will include assessment, diagnostic tests, and advice to primary care clinicians on the management of common GI conditions. The direct access primary care service for endoscopic diagnostic procedures will include gastroscopy, colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy. The aim is to provide access to endoscopic diagnostics in the community. The Provider will work closely through regular contact and feedback with primary care, secondary care and the commissioner to support the management of patients within the primary/community care setting. The initial contract term will be for 8 years from 6th January 2022, with an optional extension of any period(s) up to a maximum of a further 2 years, as defined and at the discretion of the commissioners. The financial envelope is £3.1 million per annum.

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  • 85100000 - Health services


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Other Information

To express an interest, bidders must be registered on the e-procurement system In-Tend, available on the following link: and submit a completed Supplier Questionnaire as specified within the procurement documents. Expressions of interest and completed SQ's must be submitted by 12 noon, 29th March 2021. This procurement is being carried out by NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit (SCW) on behalf of the Commissioners. Interested providers will be able to view this notice via the 'current tenders' list on the e-procurement system In-Tend, available on the following link: In order to submit a bid, you will need to be registered on the e-procurement system and 'express an interest', and then complete a response as specified within the procurement documents. On registration, please include at least two contacts to allow for access to the system in times of absence. The services are healthcare services falling within Schedule 3 to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 ("the Regulations") which are not subject to the full regime of the Regulations, but is instead governed by the "Light Touch Regime" contained within Chapter 3, Section 7 of the Regulations (Regulations 74 to 77). The tendering process will be conducted in accordance with the requirements and flexibilities provided by Regulations 74 to 76 of the Regulations. The Authority will run a transparent tender process, treating all Bidders equally. For the avoidance of doubt, the Authority will not be bound by the Regulations or any other regulations or legislation except for the specific parts or circumstances that apply to the procurement of these Services. Neither the inclusion of a Bidder selection stage, nor the use of any language or terms found in the Regulations, nor the description of the procedure voluntarily adopted by the Authority ("Open", "Restricted", "Competitive Procedure with Negotiation", "Competitive Dialogue" or any other description), nor any other indication, shall be taken to mean that the Authority intends to hold itself bound by the Regulations, save by the provisions applicable to services coming within the scope of Schedule 3 of the Regulations. The Contracting Authority intends to voluntarily observe the award decision notices provisions and 10 day standstill period described in Regulation 86 of the Regulations. Unsuccessful Bidders will receive scores and reasons for the decision, including the characteristics and relative advantages of the winning bid and the reasons why the Bidder/application was unsuccessful. Deadline for lodging of appeals should be in accordance with Regulation 87 and Regulation 91 of the Regulations.