A9 Dualling: Tomatin to Moy

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26 Feb 2021
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Inverness & Nairn and Moray, Badenoch & Strathspey: Tomatin/Moy in the north of Scotland

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Design, construction, completion and maintenance of the proposed A9 Dualling: Tomatin to Moy project which includes the upgrade of approximately 9.6km of existing A9 single and overtaking wide single 2+1 (WS2+1) road carriageway to dual carriageway standard, between the existing dual carriageway sections to the south of Tomatin and to the north of Moy. It is intended that the dual carriageway cross section shall be a Dual 2 Lane All Purpose (D2AP) Trunk Road as described in ‘CD 127 Cross-sections and headrooms’ within the UK Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. The key aim of the A9 Dualling: Tomatin to Moy project is to improve journey time reliability and safety for motorised and non-motorised users by improving the operational performance and level of service of this section of the A9. Works will include, but not be limited to; widening of the existing A9 to dual carriageway, construction of approximately 3.3km of single lane local link road with passing places, drainage (including sustainable drainage systems), one grade-separated junction, four left-in left-out (LILO) junctions, upgrade of approx. 42 culverts, traffic management, earthworks, road restraint systems, accommodation works, service diversions, fencing, signage, landscaping and environmental mitigation. The works will incorporate a new bridge (Dalmagarry Bridge) to carry the new dual carriageway over the realignment of an approximately 670m long section of Dalmagarry Burn. This will replace an existing structure at this location. In addition, the works will include new bridge structures at the intersections of the new A9 and local roads at Tomatin and Lynebeg as well as a new Moy Rail Bridge over the Highland Main Line Railway (HML). The existing Moy Rail Bridge, which currently carries the A9 single carriageway over the HML, is to be demolished once the new structure and the associated section of dual carriageway is opened to traffic.

Total Quantity or Scope

Transport Scotland is an agency of the Scottish Government and contracts in the name of and on behalf of the Scottish Ministers. Transport Scotland has identified the requirement to appoint a suitably experienced Contractor to design and build a new dual carriageway between the village of Tomatin to the south and Moy to the north. Transport Scotland will conduct the proposed procurement process on behalf of the Scottish Ministers in accordance with the Public Contract (Scotland) Regulations 2015. In the event of a contract award, the contract will be entered into between the Scottish Ministers and the successful tenderer. The contract will include a 5-year period of maintenance for landscaping and defect rectifications which will apply following completion of the construction works. The successful tenderer will not be required to carry out cyclic maintenance, which shall be carried out by a third party appointed by the Scottish Ministers. In the event of a contract award, the appointed contractor and the applicable subcontractors shall be required to enter into a Project Bank Account Trust Agreement. The Project Bank Account will be used by Transport Scotland to make payments. Further guidance can be obtained via the following link: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Government/Procurement/policy/ReviewProcConst/project... The project aims to build a lasting legacy and encourage economic growth by offering a significant opportunity to improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the area in which it operates, with a particular focus on reducing inequality. The appointed Contractor will be required to deliver Community Benefits in support of the authority’s economic, social and environmental objectives. The project aims to facilitate the involvement of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), third sector bodies and supported businesses, as well as offering employment and training opportunities, and promoting innovation in line with our sustainable procurement duty under the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014. The project will encourage good quality and fair work and a Contractors approach to fair work practices will be assessed as part of this procurement and monitored under the contract. Additional information: The Contractor will be procured through a competitive tender procedure, in accordance with the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. Economic operators may be excluded from this competition if they are in any of the situations referred to in regulation 58 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015.

CPV Codes

  • 45233100 - Construction work for highways, roads
  • 45221220 - Culverts
  • 45221111 - Road bridge construction work
  • 45221112 - Railway bridge construction work
  • 45233120 - Road construction works
  • 45233124 - Trunk road construction work
  • 45233125 - Road junction construction work
  • 45233126 - Grade-separated junction construction work
  • 45233161 - Footpath construction work
  • 45233162 - Cycle path construction work
  • 45233222 - Paving and asphalting works
  • 45233224 - Dual carriageway construction work
  • 45233226 - Access road construction work
  • 45233227 - Slip road construction work
  • 45233290 - Installation of road signs
  • 45262640 - Environmental improvement works
  • 34928110 - Road barriers

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** It is anticipated that a virtual Industry Information Day will be held in April 2021. Further details including the format, date and time of the Industry Information Day will be provided when available on http://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/. The intention of the Industry Information Day, is to enable potential contractors to better understand the scope of the contract and the procurement process, such that a productive procurement competition can be achieved. Transport Scotland and the Scottish Ministers shall have no liability for any costs however incurred by those attending the Industry Information Day, attendance at subsequent meetings, or involvement in the procurement competition. Direct or indirect canvassing of any Transport Scotland official concerning this procurement, or any attempt to procure information from any Transport Scotland official concerning this Prior Information Notice (PIN) outside of the formal process described in this document may result in the disqualification of the supplier from this procurement, and consideration in any future procurement activity. No information contained in this document or in any communication made between Transport Scotland and any supplier in connection with this document shall be relied upon as constituting a contract, agreement or representation that any contract shall be offered in accordance with this document. The Estimated total value provided in section II.1.5) is the lower value of a range. The project value has been estimated between 115000000 GBP - 125000000 GBP. NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Public Contracts Scotland Web Site at http://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/Search/ NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Public Contracts Scotland Web Site at https://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/Search/Search_Switch.aspx?ID=644471. (SC Ref:644471)