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24 Mar 2021
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The NDA is looking for the supply chain to develop an innovative solution that converts asbestos and asbestos-containing materials (ACM), that are currently considered as wastes with significant chemo-toxic properties, into an inert product that can be re-used. The requirement is to primarily treat radiologically-contaminated Asbestos / ACM up to, and including that classified as, Intermediate Level Waste. The scope includes highly friable material. It is expected that the technology developed will also be applicable to non-radiologically contaminated asbestos / ACM and this may prevent significant quantities having to be sent to licenced hazardous landfills. Although primarily aimed at NDA estate wastes, the service may be accessible to non-NDA estate organisations in the UK Nuclear Industry.

Total Quantity or Scope

The procurement over 8 years will provide a fully operational service (Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9) through the delivery of an innovative treatment solution for both radiologically-contaminated and non-contaminated asbestos / ACM. The aim of the new service to make “re-use” the preferred management option and disposal the least preferred management option (in alignment with the waste hierarchy), and to thereby decrease the risks and hazards associated with asbestos/ACM handling and management. The procurement will start with an 18 month R&D phase, TRL 1-4, followed by a 18 month Testing Phase, TRL 4-5, (both up to 3 suppliers, capped budget of £2m for each of these two phases). The next phase is a 4 year Pilot Operations (inactive and active demonstrators), TRL 6 – 8, (up to 2 suppliers, capped budget of £27m each) and finally a 1 Year Fully Operational Service, TRL 9, (up to 2 suppliers, capped budget of £7m each). The work will be managed and coordinated by the NDA.

CPV Codes

  • 90520000 - Radioactive-, toxic-, medical- and hazardous waste services
  • 98391000 - Decommissioning services
  • 71241000 - Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis
  • 73000000 - Research and development services and related consultancy services
  • 79723000 - Waste analysis services
  • 79421200 - Project-design services other than for construction work
  • 73300000 - Design and execution of research and development
  • 79930000 - Specialty design services


Other Information

The NDA shall host an engagement event on 19 May 2021 to register your attendance please email: for this requirement. Please type in the header “Asbestos Innovation Partnership”. This supplier event will be carried out via a Microsoft teams conference. The NDA would like a maximum of 2 members of staff per supplier. Any waste products (including secondary waste) of the service that are not re-usable must be disposable and the service should aspire to be carbon-neutral in line with UK Government Policy. The service must comply to all existing regulatory requirements for handling asbestos and ACM, e.g., the UK REACH chemical regulations”. This requirement is subject to internal approvals and budgetary within the NDA. To view this notice, please click here: GO Reference: GO-2021323-PRO-17974376