Clustering for Warmth - Leeds High Rise Housing

A Contract Award Notice

Contract (Works)
3 year (est.)
26 Mar 2021
22 Mar 2021 to 01 Apr 2024 (est.)



The PSC will be carried out in the Leeds City area and potentially on sites listed in the contract documents

Geochart for 3 buyers and 1 suppliers

3 buyers

1 supplier


This construction procurement is to obtain a contractor to design, build, operate and maintain low carbon district heating networks. The six clusters are planned to be delivered in three batches – two per batch, with works on site from Spring 2021 to Spring 2024

Total Quantity or Scope

Stage 1 will be a restricted OJEU tender process with a PAS91 shortlisting stage leading to 6 contractors being invited to bid for the stage 1 Professional Services Contract (PSC). The estimated value of the PSC contract is £250k for Cluster 1&2 (£750k over all 3 PSC’s, covering Cluster 1&2, Cluster 3&4 Cluster 5&6). During the PSC, the Consultant will work in partnership with the Council and the Council’s technical advisor (Ove Arup Partners International Ltd) in accordance with the terms of this document (incorporating the Part 2 Vol 1 Employers Requirements including Design Statement and Technical Specifications), the PSC and the Gateway Process (attached Part 4 Vol 1). During the PSC, the Consultant will carry out the following key activities (more detail can be found in the Part 4 Vol 1 Gateway Process): Develop their own detailed designs in line with Client’s Requirements Submit planning applications and obtain planning approval Submit price and design for construction phase The procurement will be managed in two stages, stage one is anticipated to cover the Contractor undertaking design and other activities to achieve planning approval. Stage two would be the construction contract for the scheme and the subsequent operation and maintenance contract for the scheme. An NEC4 Professional Services Contract (PSC) will be used to manage the overarching design of the clusters and heating network. An NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) Option A will be used for construction of each batch of clusters (1&2, 3&4, 5&6). This is a lump sum contract for construction works with an activity schedule for pricing. An NEC4 Term Services Agreement Option A will be used for the operation and maintenance of each batch of clusters (1&2, 3&4, 5&6). This is a lump sum contract for services with an activity schedule for pricing. The operation and maintenance contract will start when the first flat is completed in the batch and last for three years from completion of the final cluster in the batch. There will options for the council to extend this contract if required. For each batch of clusters there will be a separate construction contract, and a separate operation and maintenance contract, once the contractor’s proposals are agreed. The separate O&M contracts for each batch will potentially end on the dates below: Clusters 1&2 10 October 2025 (excluding extensions) Clusters 3&4 April 2026 (excluding extensions) Clusters 5&6 April 2027 (excluding extensions). Under the first tender stage a Professional Services Contract (PSC) will be awarded for pre-construction and design work for up to six clusters (three batches) This work will culminate in the submission of the stage two tender proposals for both construction, and operation and maintenance of each batch of clusters. The phased approach enables the Council to consider the options for two clusters of work which form the third batch. Depending on the outcome of existing developments the scope of work my change. If the existing Leeds Pipes district heating network can be extended to serve the three Lovell high risk blocks then the pre-construction and design scope will be limited in comparison to the work required for clusters one to four. The Council is currently undertaking a strategic asset review which includes the Gipton Gate east and Gipton Gate West blocks. Depending on the outcome there is a potential that the PSC scope for this cluster to be reduced or omitted in full. The Council has sequenced the batches such that outcomes will be known prior to significant work being undertaken for clusters 5 and 6 which form the third batch.

Award Detail

1 Cenergist (Washington)
  • Clustering for Warmth - Leeds High Rise Housing
  • Reference: dn466515
  • Num offers: 5
  • Value: £91,634

Award Criteria

Project Team and Structure 60.0
Proposed Technology 80.0
Stakeholder Engagement 60.0
Health and Safety A 10.0
Health and Safety B 10.0
Health and Safety C 10.0
Partnership Working 70.0
Communication Plans 60.0
Supply Chain Management 50.0
Main Risk and Mitigation 60.0
Social Value A 15.0
Social Value B 5.0
Social Value C 10.0
Professional Services Contract Total 150.0
Contract Sum 250.0
Overhead and profit Contractor Fee 100.0

CPV Codes

  • 45200000 - Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
  • 42515000 - District heating boiler


  • Award on basis of price and quality.