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26 Mar 2021
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Durham County Council is acting as the Lead Authority on behalf of the Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) known as Adopt Coast to Coast. Adopt Coast to Coast consists of: • Cumbria County Council • Durham County Council • Together for Children This contract is for the Regional Adoption Agency known as Adopt Coast to Coast - Provider Panel for the Provision of Inter-agency placements. The Council wishes to seek a Panel of Providers that are registered with OFSTED and can undertake the following: • To provide the details of prospective adopters at commencement of Stage 2 of the adoption process for RAA consideration as a suitable match for children of the members of Adopt Coast to Coast who have plans for adoption due to be considered by the respective LA Agency Decision Maker (ADM). • These prospective adopters will be for the sole consideration of the RAA until such time as they are approved as prospective adopters by the respective Agency's ADM. Where a link has not been achieved by this time the details of the prospective adopters will be eligible to become available to other RAAs and LAs both regionally and nationally. • Where a prospective adopter is willing to offer a home for children considered in the 'harder to place' categories for example large sibling groups (3 or more children), child with significant health or development needs, child from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background, or an older child, ) aged (5 years or older) the details of this prospective adopter will be shared prior to the commencement of stage 2 at a time decided by the Adoption Manager of that provider. Where a link is not identified by a date two months after the commencement of stage 2 then the Voluntary Adoption Agency reserves the right to seek a link through other RAAs and LAs both regionally and nationally. This will be an open and flexible arrangement where at the discretion of the Council(s) the Panel can be re-opened to allow additional Providers to join the Provider Panel. On initial opening we wish to appoint a maximum of five Providers to the panel. During the lifetime of the contract the maximum number of providers on the panel is subject to change. The Provider Panel Agreement provides for no form of exclusivity or volume guarantee by the Council(s) for Services from the Provider and that the Council(s) is at all times entitled to enter into other contracts and agreements with other Providers for the provision of any Services. Each Provider should understand that their submission constitutes an acceptance to the Council(s) terms of the Provider Panel Agreement and merely affords the Provider the opportunity to respond to an invitation from the Council(s) for the provision of services (Competed Call-Offs).

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