Havering estate regeneration partner - property/asset JV company

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Contract (Works)
29.5 year
13 Apr 2021
To 10 Nov 2050 (est.)



The London Borough of Havering

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[‎08/‎04/‎2021 14:52] Adam Bevan: LB of Havering ('the Council') entered into a contract for up to 30 years for a partner to form a long-term corporate joint venture ('JV') property vehicle to secure investment and expertise to deliver Havering's housing led regeneration strategy, entered into 27 April 2018 ('the Contract'). The opportunity was advertised in OJEU (2017/S 094-185114) and procured under the Concession Contracts Regulations 2016. Further details of the original Contract are in that OJEU Notice. The Contract includes a Members' Agreement (MA) and Development Agreement (DA) with the JV LLP and other ancillary documents.

Total Quantity or Scope

[‎08/‎04/‎2021 15:07] Adam Bevan: Further info is at https://www.havering.gov.uk/downloads/download/876/veat_notice_supplement_docume... The Council has: 1) Made additional GBP 58.3 million equity funding available to JV. Also, refreshed JV business plan (BP) to include Council forward funding of GBP 45.4 million for phase 1 (in the light of additional 53 affordable housing units and reduction of open market units from 1085 to 934, changes to design and other factors). 2) Refreshed JV BP to remove Delta estate. 3) Refreshed JV BP to include addition of further sites. 4) Amended DA to bring forward timing of demolition of Waterloo Estate and Council providing additional £7.8m financing in place of debt funding (some changes to be made by variation to the DA and a new supplemental dev agreement with JV). Additional information: The duration field takes account of the fact that the concession started on the 11/12/2020.

Award Detail

1 Wates Construction (Leatherhead)
  • Havering Estate Regeneration Partner - Property/Asset JV Company
  • Reference: 007669-2021-1
  • Value: £1,177,000,000

Award Criteria

Concession is awarded on the basis of the criteria stated in the procurement documents _

CPV Codes

  • 45211340 - Multi-dwelling buildings construction work
  • 45111000 - Demolition, site preparation and clearance work
  • 45112700 - Landscaping work
  • 45112710 - Landscaping work for green areas
  • 45112711 - Landscaping work for parks
  • 45211300 - Houses construction work
  • 45211341 - Flats construction work
  • 45211350 - Multi-functional buildings construction work
  • 45211360 - Urban development construction work
  • 45212000 - Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants
  • 45213100 - Construction work for commercial buildings
  • 45213112 - Shop units construction work
  • 45213150 - Office block construction work
  • 45223300 - Parking lot construction work
  • 65300000 - Electricity distribution and related services
  • 70000000 - Real estate services
  • 71000000 - Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
  • 73220000 - Development consultancy services
  • 79410000 - Business and management consultancy services
  • 90712100 - Urban environmental development planning

Other Information

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