Rig Switch and Zeros Upgrade to the UoB Theatre

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3 month
16 Apr 2021
25 Apr 2021 to 31 Jul 2021
23 Apr 2021 12:00



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Replacement of theatre mains disitributed power with controllable non-dim rig switches. Supply and installation of programmable lighting control panels in downstage right wing, control room and dimmer room. Additional Led compatible fixtures Mains replacement Rig Switches To disconnect and remove the existing mains board supplying the non-dim power to 36 outgoing ways within the theatre space. Supply and install a new smaller mains board in the same location to provide power to the two new Rig Switches. To supply and install 2No. 2410 MCB Non Dim Rig switches in a new location above the stage area and extend the existing cables from the 36 ways to this new location. Power for the new Rig switches. Additional Non Dim Outlets 0 From the new Rig switch dimmer noted above, connected to the spare 12 ways, supply and install 2No. New 16amp supplies to the dimmer room area and 10No. New 16amp outlets in a facility panel next to the Rig Switch. Please note that the maximum power to these outlets will be 10amp as this is governed by the Rig Switch MCB's. ZerOS Server and Button Stations To supply and install in the existing control room rack, 1No. Zero 88 ZerOS 2048 channel server and connect to the existing lighting desk in the same room. To also supply and install 1No. 2 Button Panel DSR, 1No 2 Button panel in the control room, 1No, ICAN Button Station in the dimmer room and 1No. ICAN Button station in the control room, all cabled back to the new ZerOS server. To also replace within their existing locations, 1No. Zero 88 Gateway 8 and 2No. Zero 88 Splitter 8's, removing the existing and replacing with new. Installation of the described system are included, this also includes full commissioning, testing and training service. All equipment is supplied with 1 year site warranty (details available on request).

CPV Codes

  • 33162000 - Operating theatre devices and instruments


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

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To bid for this opportunity please contact: Alexander Perry email: Alexander.Perry@beds.ac.uk within the published timescales The University of Bedfordshire terms and conditions apply to any contracts resulting from this tender.