Children and Young People's Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for Southend, Essex and Thurrock

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7 year
04 May 2021
01 Apr 2022 to 31 Mar 2029
11 Jun 2021 11:00




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The Southend, Essex and Thurrock collaborative partners wishes to invite suitably qualified and capable providers to submit a bid in response to the tender opportunity to provide Children and Young People's Mental Health Services across the County of Essex. West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group are the lead commissioner on behalf of the 10 commissioning partners within the Southend, Essex and Thurrock collaborative as described within this Notice.

Total Quantity or Scope

The Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) collaborative partners wishes to invite suitably qualified and capable providers to submit a bid in response to the tender opportunity to provide Children and Young People's Mental Health Services (CAMHS) across the County of Essex. … The Thrive Model has been developed nationally. This has been endorsed by the 'Future in Mind' report, it is therefore the intention to replicate a version of the Thrive Model in delivering the new service. The model is a blend of Tier 2 and Tier 3 services with a seamless progression up or down for the service user. All children and families will receive support and services which are appropriate to their needs. For many children this is likely to be community based, and should be easily and quickly accessible. Most young people requiring CAMHS will present with mental health problems that are causing significant impairments in their day-to-day lives. These presentations can result in both the need for scheduled and/or unscheduled care. CAMHS will be available for all children and young people who are aged 0 - 18 (25 if SEND), and who meet the agreed CAMHS referral criteria. The eligibility criteria is set out within the service specification. The current service has in place the following teams, which are expected to be replicated in this new service: - 7 Community Hub Teams - 3 Intensive Support Teams (crisis teams) - 1 Eating Disorder Service - 1 Learning Disability with MH Service - 1 Single point of access (SPA) service - 1 out of hours service (out of hours SPA) The service will also include the provision of the following: - Eating disorder including ARFID & FREED - Crisis care/Home treatment team - CAMHS with LD and CAMHS with ASD Service - Youth offending provision (there will be a requirement to work connectively with the POWER programme) - There will be a comprehensive 0-25 support offer that reaches across mental health services for CYP and adults in all STPs/ICSs, the expectation is that this contract will fulfil this up to age 18 and will work connectively with our adult providers - CYP IAPT - Expansion of the single point of access to field more enquiries from GP, schools and other professionals - Inclusion onto the AMHP rota for qualified professionals And locally agreed care pathways for: - LAC Service (for CYP who are placed in local authority and have a diagnosable mental health condition, some of which will be placed in Essex from other areas) - Early intervention in psychosis in conjunction with the current EIP provider - information and advice at a minimum for emotional wellbeing and mental health referrals - Mental Health Schools Team (links between the teams and the service) - Community Learning Disability Team (provided by another provider) for those with a requirement for MH input - Paediatric pathways such as tics, Tourette’s, ASD, PDA As a part of the contract North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group are commissioning an additional Children and Young People's Mental Health Early Intervention Service (CYP EIS). The aims and objectives of this service are to provide: • An easy to access early intervention service for Children and Young people from age 10-18 years of age (up to 25 years of age if SEND) who meet the scope of this service • Mental and emotional support through a range of interventions suited to the need and patient centred requirement of the service user • Informal non-statutory advocacy when required to all young people supported by this service and who do not meet criteria for Independent Mental Health Advocacy service. • An early intervention disordered eating service • Seamless transitions of care • Partnerships with relevant stakeholders to improve outcomes for people using this service. Additional information: The value contained within this Notice is a maximum limit which is inclusive of all options, extensions and potential additional services which may be introduced within this contract during its life. The maximum financial envelope for the contract at commencement is £22,126,568 per annum, equating to a total contract value over the 7-year period of £154,885,976.

Renewal Options

The contract may be extended for a further 36 months subject to agreement by all parties (extension period - 1st April 2029 - 31st March 2032). The Authority may wish to introduce additional and/or expand the scope of services during the lifetime of the contract (“Contract modification(s)”). Such contract modifications will be contemplated where additional requirements are similar and or complementary to the services already included in the Specification, at any given time. Such expansion would be by the addition of services commissioned by the Authority and / or other Contracting Authorities, as named in the Contract Notice. To this end, the Bidder should be aware that after the award of contract, there is a possibility that the successful Bidder may be offered a variation to the contract to include the services set out in this section in accordance with Regulation 72 (1) (a) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended The Public Procurement (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020). NEE – EIS The services and associated specification and prices, commissioned within this contract may be subject to review and change. Moving forward it is the CCG’s intention to work closer with the CCGs within the Suffolk and north east Essex ICS footprint. Therefore the scope of the possible changes to be made to this contract shall relate to the potential introduction of a larger population to support the STP footprint (i.e. the contract and specification may be amended to the Ipswich & East Suffolk and West Suffolk CCG populations), through a variation to the contract in accordance with Regulation 72 (1) (a) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Mental Health Support Teams – Mid and South Essex CCGs are developing a multi-year trajectory and a regional plan for the future MHST Waves (Waves 5 to 10) from 2021/22 to 2023/24 in accordance with NHS Englands ‘Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision Green Paper’. the Mental Health Support Teams are services which are designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in and around schools and colleges. This is an existing service delivered by North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT), but may be included within the main CAMHS Contract when this arrangement ends. It may also be that this service covers all 7 Essex CCGs as well as the Mid and South Essex CCGs. NHS Long Term Plan - It is also recognised that the NHS Long Term Plan made a renewed commitment that mental health services will grow faster than the overall NHS budget, creating a new national ringfenced investment fund worth overall at least £2.3bn a year by 2023/24. This is to enable further service expansion and faster access to community crisis and mental health services for both adults and particularly children and young people amongst growing visibility and concern about areas of longstanding unmet health need, such as in young people’s mental health services. This means that during the life of the contract, the budget is likely to grow and the scope of the services being delivered as a part of this contract will increase. There may be additions to the scope that are unknown at the time of tender. Such modifications may be made where the additional requirements are complementary to, or align with the scope of services and reflect longer term aspirations both locally, regionally and nationally in delivery of the strategy.

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Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** The Services to which this Procurement relates fall within Schedule 3 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended by the Public Procurement (EU Exit) Regulations 2020) (the “Regulations”). As such, the procurement of the Services is being run as a bespoke, single stage application process akin to the Open procedure, involving a number of stages which are outlined within the suite of procurement documents. The Contracting Authority does not intend to hold itself bound by any of the Regulations, save those applicable to Schedule 3 Services.