636_21 Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2 (VCI 2)

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Framework (Goods)
2 year
26 May 2021
09 Aug 2021 to 08 Aug 2023
28 Jun 2021 11:00



United Kingdom:

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A national multi-lot, multi supplier framework agreement for ultra-low and zero emission vehicle charging infrastructure, including electric vehicle charging points, consultancy and other related developing technologies. To tender: (a) Go to www.eastmidstenders.org, (b) Register (c) Search for tender opportunity ‘636_21’ d) Express an interest (e) Access and download the tender from the website.

Lot Division

1 Purchase of electric vehicle charging solutions
  • Value: £800M

Electric vehicle charge point purchase (turnkey solution including equipment supply, installation, back office equipment from a CPNO, software & maintenance services). The following information is applicable to all lots: ESPO has established a commercial trading company, ESPO Trading Limited, whose target clients are third sector organisations such as national and local charities, public sector mutual organisations and other organisations involved in the delivery of services to or for the public sector. The successful Supplier may be asked to enter into an additional separate framework agreement (the Second Framework) with ESPO Trading Limited on materially similar terms to that found in the tender pack to be entered into by ESPO itself. Any Second Framework agreement will be a purely commercial agreement and will, for the avoidance of doubt, not be governed by the Public Contract Regulations 2015 or other public procurement legislation. ESPO Trading Limited may enter into the second framework agreement with the successful supplier and make it available to third sector clients who themselves are not required to follow the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 or other public procurement legislation. Accordingly, this is provided for bidders' information only. An eAuction process may be used to award subsequent call off contracts following the reopening of competition among the parties to the Framework Agreement.

2 Lease of electric vehicle charging solutions
  • Value: £30M

Electric vehicle charge point leasing (turnkey solution including equipment supply, installation, back office equipment from a CPNO, software & maintenance services)

3 Back office solutions
  • Value: £50M

Electric vehicle charge point back office services only

4 Service and maintenance
  • Value: £50M

Service and maintenance of electric vehicle charge points

5 Consultancy Services (including site survey and feasibility studies)
  • Value: £20M

Consultancy covering strategic guidance relating to the implementation of an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and feasibility study and site survey services.

6 Emerging Technologies
  • Value: £50M

Emerging Technologies including battery energy storage, vehicle to grid, car port charging, wireless charging, bi-directional chargers, integrated sockets and mobile chargers. Sub-lot 6.1 Battery energy storage Sub-lot 6.2 Vehicle to grid Sub-lot 6.3 Car port charging (including solar) Sub-lot 6.4 Wireless charging Sub-lot 6.5 Bi-directional chargers Sub-lot 6.6 Integrated sockets Sub-lot 6.7 Mobile chargers

Renewal Options

The framework agreement has the option to extend for up to a further 24 months. The total estimated value stated in Section II.1.5 includes the option period.

CPV Codes

  • 31158000 - Chargers
  • 30163000 - Charge cards
  • 31681500 - Rechargers
  • 34920000 - Road equipment
  • 34923000 - Road traffic-control equipment
  • 34996300 - Control, safety or signalling equipment for parking facilities
  • 38730000 - Parking meters
  • 42992000 - Special-purpose electrical goods
  • 45223300 - Parking lot construction work
  • 45233270 - Parking-lot-surface painting work
  • 50200000 - Repair, maintenance and associated services related to aircraft, railways, roads and marine equipment
  • 50324100 - System maintenance services
  • 51100000 - Installation services of electrical and mechanical equipment
  • 51110000 - Installation services of electrical equipment
  • 51214000 - Installation services of parking meter equipment
  • 63712600 - Vehicle refuelling services
  • 71241000 - Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis
  • 71242000 - Project and design preparation, estimation of costs
  • 71243000 - Draft plans (systems and integration)
  • 71244000 - Calculation of costs, monitoring of costs
  • 71245000 - Approval plans, working drawings and specifications
  • 71248000 - Supervision of project and documentation
  • 71600000 - Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services
  • 98351100 - Car park services
  • 45213312 - Car park building construction work
  • 51210000 - Installation services of measuring equipment
  • 72400000 - Internet services
  • 31600000 - Electrical equipment and apparatus
  • 31680000 - Electrical supplies and accessories
  • 31681000 - Electrical accessories
  • 31681400 - Electrical components
  • 50800000 - Miscellaneous repair and maintenance services
  • 71530000 - Construction consultancy services
  • 72100000 - Hardware consultancy services
  • 72110000 - Hardware selection consultancy services
  • 72224000 - Project management consultancy services
  • 72266000 - Software consultancy services
  • 79000000 - Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
  • 79311000 - Survey services
  • 79311100 - Survey design services
  • 79314000 - Feasibility study
  • 79418000 - Procurement consultancy services
  • 09331000 - Solar panels
  • 14213200 - Tarmac
  • 32510000 - Wireless telecommunications system
  • 45000000 - Construction work
  • 50000000 - Repair and maintenance services
  • 65400000 - Other sources of energy supplies and distribution


  • Variant bids may be considered.
  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Options are available.
  • Renewals are not available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** As a Central Purchasing Body as defined in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, the Framework Agreement is open for use by Public Bodies (defined at https://www.espo.org/amfile/file/download/file/9608/) that also fall into one of the following classifications of user throughout all administrative regions of the UK: Local Authorities; Educational Establishments (including Academies); Central Government Departments and Agencies; Police, Fire & Rescue and Coastguard Emergency Services; NHS and HSC Bodies, including Ambulance Services; Registered Charities; Registered Social Landlords; The Corporate Office of the House of Lords, The Corporate Officer of the House of Commons; or any public body established by or under the Scotland Act 1998 or any Act of the Scottish Parliament. Details of the classification of end user establishments and geographical areas are available at: https://www.espo.org/legal