Consultancy Services for Enabling Infrastructure Integrated Public Realm (EIIPR) Project — Block C

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Contract (Services)
8 year (est.)
28 May 2021
To 27 Apr 2029 (est.)




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The provision of a lead consultant and a team of multi-disciplinary professional services to undertake the preparation and brief, concept design, developed design, and technical design in accordance with RIBA stages 1-4, and an ongoing design input during the construction period, for the third phase of Public Realm Investment under City Deal in Glasgow City Centre: the Block C Avenues Programme which includes Glasgow’s principal civic space, George Square. The Square sits at the heart of the city, and is the principal focus for the surrounding city centre avenues.

Total Quantity or Scope

The provision of a lead Consultant and a team of multi-disciplinary professional service to undertake the preparation and brief, concept design, developed design and technical design in accordance with RIBA stages 1 to 4, and an ongoing design input during the construction period, for the design of George Square and surrounding avenues in Glasgow city centre. The avenues form a part of a major public realm improvement programme supported by the City Deal funding termed the Enabling Infrastructure Integrated Public Realm (EIIPR) project. It has become colloquially known as the ‘Avenues’ project due to its underlying ethos of creating connected, green routes across the city centre. The Lead Consultant will deliver on RIBA Stages 0-4 for the following: — George Square (to include full central public square and streets on the East and West sides of the square) along with, — John Street (from Cathedral Street to Ingram Street), — The principal civic avenues of I. St. Vincent Street and St. Vincent Place (from Newton Street to Montrose Street, including George Square south and full length of Cochrane Street) II. George Street (from Nelson Mandela Place to High Street, including George Square north, and West George Street) — The ancillary streets of: I. Dundas Street and Dundas Lane II. Hanover Street and Miller Street (from George Square to Argyle Street) The shortlisting and selection of the Lead Consultant will be assessed on the basis of their demonstrable abilities and experience in delivery of projects responding to the following criteria: — a demonstrable track record in the delivery of public space design and implementation. The design outcome should have embraced the past on one hand while elevating the purpose of the place to where it needs to be fit in the future of the city that is comfortable with its narrative and its future trajectory, — a high degree of skill in community engagement in the design and re-configuration of public space in order to build a consensual design narrative, — experience in current and emerging development policies (international, national and local levels), — experience in transportation and connectivity, including active travel, — experience in climate change, climate mitigation solutions including surface water management, — experience in project management and delivery based on RIBA work stages, — understanding, knowledge, empathy and insight in the interpretation of the historic context in architectural, urban design, landscape and cultural terms. An ability to understand, interpret and communicate graphically the original intent, and offer design principles to safeguard this legacy whilst opening opportunities for 21st century life and culture for a confident and forward-looking city.

Award Detail

1 John Mcaslan Partners (London)
  • Reference: gcc005258cpu
  • Num offers: 7
  • Value: £2,293,610
  • Contractor is an SME.

Award Criteria

Design statement 10.0
Sustainability/climate 12.0
Sustainable transport 12.0
Project management 16.0
Site investigation 8.0
Stakeholder engagement 8.0
Client communication 4.0
Team Structure 5.0
Fair work practices 5.0
PRICE 20.0

CPV Codes

  • 71311300 - Infrastructure works consultancy services
  • 71311210 - Highways consultancy services
  • 71311000 - Civil engineering consultancy services
  • 71311200 - Transport systems consultancy services
  • 71530000 - Construction consultancy services
  • 72224000 - Project management consultancy services
  • 79415200 - Design consultancy services


  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

Economic operators may be excluded from this competition if they are in any of the situations referred to in Regulation 58 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. At the ESPD stage: 1) Health and Safety — the H&S Questionnaire is contained in the attachments section of PCS-T. Bidders must complete the H&S Questionnaire as part of their ESPD submission. Responses to the H&S Questionnaire will be evaluated as pass or fail. 2) Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Standards — ESPD Questions 4D.1, 4D1.1, 4D1.2, 4D2, 4D2.1 and 4D2.2 bidders must hold the certificates or comply with the questions noted in Section 4D of the ESPD statements document titled ‘GCC005258CPU ESPD Statements’. Evidence will be requested at the Request for Document stage of the evaluation (see further detail in item 10 below) and will be requested only of the preferred bidder. The submission of this evidence is mandatory and will be evaluated as a pass/fail. 3) Applicants who do not comply with the financial requirements (stated in the document ‘GCC005258CPU ESPD Statements’ located in attachments section of PCSt) but are part of a Group, can provide a Parent Guarantee if the Parent company satisfies the financial requirements stipulated. A Parent Company Guarantee form is included in the attachments area of PCSt should this be required. 4) Freedom of Information Act — Information on the FOI Act is contained in Appendix A of the Invitation to Participate document. Applicants must note the implications of this legislation and ensure that any information they wish the council to consider withholding is specifically indicated on the FOI Certificate contained in the attachments area within the PCS Tender portal (NB the council does not bind itself to withhold this information). If the bidder is successful to be taken forward to ITT stage, the following will be required at ITT stage: 5) Collateral warranties may be required. This will be detailed at ITT stage. 6) Tenderers Amendments — the tenderer must enter any clause, condition, amendment to specification or any other qualification he may wish to make conditional to their offer. Bidders will be required to complete the tenderers amendment certificate contained in the attachment area within PCS Tender portal. 7) Prompt Payment — The successful tenderer shall, as a condition of being awarded the tender, be required to demonstrate to the council's satisfaction that all funds due to the tenderer's permitted sub-contractors in respect of these works are paid timeously and that as a minimum invoices rendered by subcontractors shall (unless formally disputed by the tenderer) be paid within 30 days of receipt. Bidders will be required to complete the prompt payment certificate contained in the attachment area within PCS Tender portal. 8) Bidders will be required to complete the non-collusion certificate contained in the attachments area within the PCS Tender portal. 9) Bidders will be required to complete an FoI certificate at ITT stage (as well as ESPD stage as detailed in item 3 above). 10) Request for Documentation: Once the Evaluation of Price and Quality has been completed, the recommended bidder will be expected to provide all documentation as specified in the ESPD. When the Request for Documentation is made, Bidders must supply the relevant information within 3 working days. Failure to provide this information within the specified time may result in your bid being rejected and the Council proceeding with the procurement exercise to the next appropriate bidder. (SC Ref:652598)