Marchwood Port Development - Phase 1-3 Design and Build

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15 Jun 2021
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South East England: SGL is a UK-based port and logistics company, and designated Utility for the purposes of the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016, that is a joint venture between David McBrayne Limited and GBA Holdings Limited. The SGL offices are located within Marchwood Port, with 85 members of staff currently employed. Located next to the village of Marchwood, south-west of Southampton, the site was previously a military port operated by the Ministry of Defence and is approximately 85 hectares in size. SGL has spent the last four years investigating the opportunities for development of the port and working on proposals that will increase its commercial capacity and support the MOD's ongoing operations within its existing boundary. With its sea, rail and road connections, Marchwood Port in is a highly sustainable location and offers opportunities to transport materials via sea and rail that may otherwise have been transported by road.

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Provision of services to undertake the design and construction of the Marchwood Port development (terrestrial works only). Works include: Creation of large areas of hard-standing surfaces, modifications to main port entrance including the construction of a new security office building and entrance canopy, modification of existing internal road network and railway sidings, enhancement and upgrade of existing CCTV, drainage (including new outfalls), lighting, telecommunications, gas and power networks, perimeter fencing, demolition and/or modification to existing buildings and creation and enhancement of ecological areas including wider landscape improvements.

Total Quantity or Scope

SGL are pursuing consent for the proposed redevelopment of Marchwood Port via the Town and Country Planning Act with works commencing from Q1 2022 following anticipated planning approval in October 2021. Works are anticipated to be delivered in six phases between 2022 - 2027 with Phases 1 to 3 being the subject of this procurement and contract ("the Project"). The Project is intended to be delivered in three phases, although it is noted that capital expenditure associated with Phase 1 will deliver approximately 90-95% of value of the Project. The works, which are mainly terrestrial based, are likely to comprise but are not limited to: 1. Creation of hard-standing surfaces (which forms the majority of the scope of work) providing flexible external storage for the following: a. Containers b. Vehicles c. Steel (clean and scrap) d. Forest Products e. Bulks and aggregates f. Palletised cargo. 2. Modifications to main port entrance including the construction of a new Security Office and Entrance Canopy (providing three vehicle lanes). 3. Enhancement and upgrade of existing CCTV, drainage (including 2no. new drainage outfalls), lighting, telecommunications, gas and power. 4. Enhancement and upgrade of the site perimeter fencing. 5. Modification of rail sidings. 6. Demolition and/or modification to existing buildings SGL plan to appoint a contractor on a design-build basis with services summarised as follows: Phase 1 • RIBA Stage 4 - Technical Design • RIBA Stage 5 -Construction Phase 2 and Phase 3 Step 1 • RIBA 3 - Developed Design (developed against agreed planning parameters). • Reserved Matters/Detailed Planning Application Step 2 (dependent on outcome of Step 1 SGL can, at its sole discretion, elect to the following RIBA Stages) • RIBA 4 - Technical Design • RIBA 5- Construction The form of contract will be an amended NEC4 Option A. SGL will retain options in respect of Phase 2 and Phase 3 with regard to the nature of the hardstanding to be instructed. SGL plan to appoint a main contractor who will: • provide SGL with a single point of contact for both design and construction; • possess the required competence and demonstrable experience of delivering the breadth of works proposed (including an ability to make effective use of opportunities for transporting materials by sea); • fulfil responsibilities as the Principal Contractor and Principal Designer in respect of Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015; • expedite the swift resolution of any emerging site issues drawing on the contractor's variety of experience (including temporary works design) and breadth of supply chain; • promote a coordinated approach to the scheduling of works; • ensure an effective and timely response to the loss of port amenity as indirectly caused by the work; and • assist the identification of value engineering and management opportunities. The key construction objectives for the development of the Marchwood Port are to: • minimise cost to the project and drive best value to SGL through the early identification of value adding techniques; • expedite delivery of the programme to maximise commercial opportunity, pursuing concurrent uninterrupted delivery across multiple sites where aligned with SGL's business case; • prevent unnecessary restriction or hindrance to ongoing SGL operations during construction; • place safety at the centre of all construction activity; • maintain good relations with the Marchwood community and key stakeholders taking corrective measures to address any concerns they may have; • where possible, utilise the port's existing rail connections and berthing capacity for the movement of plant and materials (reducing demands on the local road network); and • deliver sustainably by minimising waste and using renewable and recyclable resources, reducing energy consumption and waste and protecting the natural environment.

Renewal Options

For Phases 2 and 3 and their associated surfacing works SGL wish to retain design flexibility through the following surfacing options either: Option 1 - Rigid pavement design, anticipated as an unreinforced concrete (URC), to suit the proposed port operations and storage uses with allowance for HGV's and operational vehicles with maximum axle load of 35T. Option 2 - Flexible pavement design to suit lower intensity port operations and storage for light goods and vehicles up to 17 tonne gross vehicle weight (gvw) with occasional heavy duty vehicle overrun. The activity schedule to be provided at tender is to reflect the delivery of both surfacing options.

CPV Codes

  • 45000000 - Construction work
  • 44000000 - Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus)
  • 71000000 - Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services


  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Options are available.
  • Renewals are not available.
  • Financial restrictions apply.
  • Professional qualifications are sought.
  • Technical restrictions apply.

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