Middlegate Water Treatment Works

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17 Jun 2021
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East of England: North Lincolnshire

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Anglian Water is planning to deliver a construction project titled Middlegate Water Treatment Works (previously known as Elsham Water Treatment Works) to provide long-term water supply resilience to the region. Anglian Water will utilise a Competitively Appointed Provider (CAP) to deliver the project which is to be procured using Ofwat's new Direct Procurement for Customers (DPC) approach. Anglian Water are looking to test the market interest for the design, build, financing, operation and maintenance of this water treatment works project.

Total Quantity or Scope

Anglian Water is looking to procure, subject to regulatory approval, a Competitively Appointed Provider (CAP) to provide the design, build, financing, operation and maintenance of a water treatment works capable of processing an average output of c. 10-15ML/day up to a maximum of 31 ML/day as a resilience asset to support the drinking water requirements of Anglian Water customers. Additional information: This notice is issued solely for the purpose of conducting pre-market engagement to gauge capability and interest in the market to assist in our decision making. This is not a call for competition. Parties will not be prejudiced by any response or failure to respond to this request and a response to this PIN does not guarantee any invitation to participate in this event or any future procurement. The publication of this PIN by Anglian Water Services Ltd is a voluntary publication and does not represent an acknowledgement regarding the applicability of procurement or other rules governing the potential future process, nor a commitment by Anglian Water to initiate, run or complete a full procurement competition in relation to the contract as described, Anglian Water reserves the right not to run any competition for the services. If you have experience in either the financing of construction schemes for DPC, PFI or PPP projects and/or experience of construction of water treatment works in accordance with the UK water industry standards please provide as a minimum the following information and submit to AWDPC@anglianwater.co.uk by 6 July 2021. - company name; - contact details, including location telephone and e-mail address, main point of contact and position in Company. Primary business of company In response to your enquiry Anglian Water would like to you to participate in completion of a questionnaire and invite you to attend a market engagement event that is currently being planned for 7 July 2021, which will be held virtually.

CPV Codes

  • 45000000 - Construction work
  • 41100000 - Natural water
  • 45232430 - Water-treatment work
  • 45252120 - Water-treatment plant construction work
  • 45252126 - Drinking-water treatment plant construction work
  • 65130000 - Operation of water supplies
  • 66120000 - Investment banking services and related services

Other Information

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