PROJECT CHARM : Virtually Plastic Free Homes. Window & Doors (SC4)

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11 month
09 Aug 2021
01 Dec 2021 to 31 Oct 2022
03 Sep 2021 16:00



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The work completed through these tenders will inform the design and manufacturing work within the CHARM project, a project which is supported by the EU Interreg North-West Europe and Accord Housing Association. CHARM stands for Circular Housing Asset Renovation & Management and it aims to reduce the amount of waste in the housing construction sector. The building sector is responsible for more than 60% of resource use in Europe, with more than 30-50% of material use taking place in the housing construction sector. The CHARM project is a new development of 12 one bedroom homes between Edward Street, Redditch and railway line. The design of these aims to create plastic free homes, which will apply timber frame construction, allowing for easy assembly, disassembly and re-assembly and re-use of components and thus relocation in case housing demands drops, whilst avoiding the use of heavy weight concrete and traditional construction methods that do not lend itself easily for prevention of downcycling. Accord Housing Association will minimize the use of plastic during the construction process. We will not allow any unauthorised plastics to enter the CHARM site.

CPV Codes

  • 44221000 - Windows, doors and related items
  • 45421110 - Installation of door and window frames
  • 44221220 - Fire doors
  • 45421130 - Installation of doors and windows
  • 44221210 - Door blanks
  • 45421112 - Installation of window frames
  • 44221211 - Door frames
  • 44221110 - Window frames
  • 45421111 - Installation of door frames
  • 45421132 - Installation of windows
  • 44221200 - Doors
  • 45421100 - Installation of doors and windows and related components
  • 45421131 - Installation of doors
  • 44221100 - Windows


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

Other Information

Interested parties may Express Interest in this opportunity via the GreenSquareAccord In-tend supplier portal ( upon which you will receive electronic tender documentation. Please be aware that once registered on the GreenSquareAccord supplier portal you will be required to upload various mandatory documents BEFORE you can submit your tender submission and in addition to the tender documents. Please allow plenty of time to complete the mandatory document(s) upload before the tender return deadline. Expressions of Interest open to 25/08/2021 Clarifications or requests open to 01/09/2021 by 16:00 hours Tender submission deadline (fixed) 08/09/2021 by 16:00 hours Is a Recurrent Procurement Type? : No Additional information on how to apply for this contract