Bespoke Care Package for a Young Person in Peterborough

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Contract (Services)
3.5 year
11 Aug 2021
02 Nov 2021 to 23 Jun 2025
20 Sep 2021 09:00



Care service to be provided within a residential children's home as a base, converted by the contracting authority for the specific care needs of the service, to be located within Peterborough area. Care service will also be provided wherever the client may need to travel to as he lives out his life in the community.

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Provision of bespoke care package for a young person in Peterborough. Complex care involving moderate learning disability, autism-spectrum disorder (ASD), Tourettes, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and behaviour that challenges. Service to include provision of full management and care team 24/7 from within a "residential children's home", a facility created for this specific registered purpose within a community setting. Provider will be responsible for establishing and maintaining all relevant regulatory registration associated with the residential children's home.

Total Quantity or Scope

Expressions of interest are invited to set up and provide a bespoke care package for a mid-teenager, with moderate learning disability, autism-spectrum disorder (ASD), Tourettes, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and behaviour that challenges. The care will be delivered within a "residential children's home" within the Peterborough area, the property for which is currently being purchased, and will then converted for use by the contracting authority. The client is currently being cared for within a hospital in Hampshire and is ready for discharge to his new home environment. A high value, long term contract is being offered to an established provider with relevant experience and capability to provide complex care packages. The care provider will have understanding and experience to achieve and maintain registration of the home with relevant regulatory bodies. The provider will become responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising a care management and delivery team to deliver a bespoke high-quality package of care that will enable the young person to be, and feel safe, secure, looked after and over time supported to grow and develop into his adulthood. Given the client's educational needs, the contracting authority will separately commission educational support from a specialist setting, expected to involve an outreach model initially, with the intention to integrate the client within the setting, in time. CAMHS provision will also be separately commissioned to provide the clinical service element to the client. The procurement is being run jointly by Peterborough City Council (the "LA") and NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (the "CCG"), referred to here as the contracting authorities (the "CA"). The contract will be awarded by the LA, with the CCG being an Associate to the contract. All relevant additional information is provided via (see Further Information below), including Service Specification and further details of the client's bespoke requirements, Contract terms, Bidder Instructions. All bidder clarification questions and responses to be posted via the above EU-Supply Portal only. KEY DATES: Procurement commencement is from 11th August 2021. An on-line bidder briefing will take place 9.15am, Tue 17th August 2021 (for 1.5 hours). Invitations and details to be confirmed to providers confirming expression of interest as per instructions within this Notice. Latest date to submit clarification questions will be Mon 6th September 2021. Bid submission deadline will be 10am, Mon 20th September 2021 Bidders short-listed following evaluation of their written bids will be invited to two key on-line events: - Q & A session with the current providers of care to the client at 10.30am, Mon 4th October 2021 (2 hours); and - Bidder interviews on Tue 5th October 2021 (times to be confirmed) Contract is to be awarded in October 2021 to enable the appointed provider to commence recruitment of the care team during late 2021, ready to commence the transition phase with the client early 2022 so that he can be relocated by March 2022. Additional information: The contract will be awarded by the LA with the provider being provided with a budget to equip and furnish the house, after it is converted by the LA for use as a residential children's home. The budget to fund set-up costs for equipment and furnishings will be up to £60,000 following award of the contract. The provider will also need to propose what the cost will be to deliver the first few months of the "transition phase" which will involve recruitment of the care team and their relationship building with the client, prior to relocating him within a 2-to-3-month window to his new home. Following this relocation (by end of March 2022), the annual contract price is expected to be between £0.75m to £1.5m, which will apply from April 2022. The initial contract term will be for 3 years and 8 months, expected to commence from 1st November 2021 until 23rd June 2025 which involves: - the mobilisation, house set-up and relocation of the client to his new home during the first 5 months between Nov'21 and Mar'22; - followed by the 3 years and almost 3 months of service delivery until the 23rd June 2025 (when client reaches age 18) The contract may be extended for up to a further 4 years, subject to the CAs having confidence that the provider can continue to meet the revised care requirements whilst delivering value for money at that time, i.e., potentially being extended until 23rd June 2029. Rights are reserved for the appointed provider to be invited to deliver additional care services to other clients, which could increase the potential contract value by a factor of three during the contract term. In summary, the contract's minimum value for the initial contract term until June 2025 will be circa £5m. If the term is extended until 2029, the contact value may be up £11m. If the scope of service is increased, the potential whole life contract value could be up to £33m. The commercial model to be agreed through the contract will need to reflect a degree of flexibility in relation to an expected variability of care needs on an ongoing basis. The contract will include an explicit focus on cost reduction as the client settles and through effective care provision, stabilises with an associated reduction in carer to client ratio of care. The contracting authority will work closely with the appointed provider, which will be required to operate within an "open book" accounting procedures to ensure transparency of cost requirements.

CPV Codes

  • 85000000 - Health and social work services

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** To express your interest and obtain access to the contract and procurement documents, go to You will need an EU-Supply account, which is FREE to set up. Technical support is available via 0800 840 2050 or When logged into EU-Supply, search for Tender Reference 45578 "Bespoke Care Package for a Young Person in Peterborough". Then ensure you click on Confirm Expression of Interest. Expressions of interest will be responded to with details of the on-line (via MS Teams) Bidder Briefing Session scheduled for 9.15am, Tue 17th August 2021 (for 1.5 hours).