CLI-OJEU-46286 Interventional Cardiology, Radiology, Endoscopy and Surgical Urology Consumables

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Framework (Goods)
4 year
16 Aug 2021
01 Feb 2022 to 31 Dec 2025
30 Sep 2021 11:00




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NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership – Procurement Services (NWSSP-ProcS), hosted by Velindre NHS Trust is renewing its Framework Agreement for All Wales Interventional Cardiology, Radiology, Endoscopy & Surgical Urology Consumables. In addition to the current category areas covered by this Contract, the new framework agreement will incorporate Interventional Oncology products, Vein Ablation and Men’s Health. It will exclude Radiation Protection. The term of the Framework Agreement will be four years. For further information please refer to tender documents which are available on eTenderWales.

Lot Division

1 Cardiology

Atrial Lead Ventricular Lead ICD Lead LV Lead Epicardial Lead Lead Extension Lead Fixation Sleeve Lead Stylet Lead Clipper Disposable Patient Cable Mechanical Dilator Introducer Sheath Threshold Cable Single Chamber ICD System Single Chamber ICD Unit Dual Chamber ICD System Dual Chamber ICD Unit Heart Failure ICD CRT D System Heart Failure ICD CRT D Unit Single Chamber Pacemaker System Single Chamber Pacemaker Unit Single Chamber RR Pacemaker System Single Chamber RR Pacemaker Unit Dual Chamber Pacemaker System Dual Chamber Pacemaker Unit Dual Chamber RR Pacemaker System Dual Chamber RR Pacemaker Unit Heart Failure Pacemaker CRT P System Heart Failure Pacemaker CRT P Unit Implantable Loop Recorder External Pacemaker External Pacemaker Accessory Remote Monitoring Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope Heart Valve Suture TAVI Guidewire Compression Coil CRT Pacemaker Unit CRT Pacemaker System Dilator Sheath Set Lead Extraction consumable External Loop Recorder Mapping Catheter Ablation Electrode Electrophysiology Ablation Cable Electrophysiology Ablation Catheter Electrophysiology Fixed Curve Diagnostic Catheter Electrophysiology Steerable Diagnostic Catheter Electrophysiology Steerable Introducer Electrophysiology Surface Electrode Patch Artrial Mapping Electrode Bipolar Electrode Catheter Bipolar Pacing Catheter Bipolar Pacing Wire Bipolar Pacing Cable Closed Irrigated RF Ablation Catheter Ablation Catheter Set Connector Cable Cryoblation Electrode Cryoblation Balloon Cryoblation Probe Decapolar Steerable Electrode Deflectable Ablation Catheter Deflectable Catheter(Variety of ple numbers & spacings) Fixed Curve Catheter Indifferent Electrode Patch Injectate Housing(Cardiac Output kit) Irrigated Steerable Electrode Steerable Sheath Irrigation Ablation Catheter (Open & Closed) Cardiac Manometer Line Multipolar Steerable Electrode Pole Deflectable Electrode Catheter PV Circular Mapping Catheter (Fixed & Deflectable) Quadpolar Fixed Curve Electrode Transducer Transseptal Needle Transseptal Sheath Transseptal Introducer Tubing Heart Stimulator Mapping System Artery Compression Device Mechanical Valve Tissue Valve Pericardial Valve Stentless Valve Transcatheter Valve Biological Tissue Valve Annuloplasty Bands and Ring Bovine Pericardium Patch Mechanical Aortic Valved Graft Biological Aortic Valved Graft Valved Conduit Pericardiocentesis Set Vein Selector Bare Metal Stent Drug Eluting Stent Drug Coated Stent Uncovered Metal Stent Covered Metal Stent Hemostasis Valve Speciality Guidewire Drug Coated Balloon Cutting Balloon Guide Catheter Guide Extension Catheter High Pressure Balloon PTCA Balloon Catheter PTCA Scoring Balloon Catheter PTCA Guidewire PTFE Coated Guidewire Diagnostic Catheter Pressure Wire Coronary Imaging Catheter Burr Catheter Myocardial Biopsy Forcep Front Line Guidewire Inflation Device Intravascular Catheter Angiographic Manifold Micro Catheter Angiographic Balloon Catheter Aortic Punch Cardiac Suction Consumable Aspiration Catheter High Pressure Tubing Coronary Catheter Control Syringe Sternum Suture Pulmonary Artery Catheter ACT Cartridges ACT Tubes Arterial Cannula Cardioplegia Cannula Cerebral Perfusion Cannula Coronary Cannula Femoral Cannula Venous Cannula Venous Cannula Femoral With & Without Heparin Arterial Cannula Femoral With & Without Heparin AF Ablation Accessory AF Ablation Device AF Ablation Pen AF Ablation System IABP Guidewire IABP Insertion Kit IABP Safeguard IABP Statlock IABP Balloon Catheter Hemostatic Seal Non Fibre Optic Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Catheter Fibre Optic Catheter ASD & PFO Occluders & Accessory Blood Cardioplegia Set Cardioplegia Adaptor Centrifugal Pump Head CDI Consumables Connectors - All Sizes ECMO Consumables Haemoconcentrator Myocardial Stabilizer Percutaneous Insertion Kit Pressure Relief Check Valve Tubing - All Sizes Vent Catheter 40cc Balloon 34cc Balloon Helium Gas Canister Gas Diffuser Perfusion Oxygenator Transducerkit Perfusion Tubing Custom Pack Adult Fusion Tubing Pack with Cardioplegia Set Sizing Balloon Catheter Mounting Pad Perfusion Consumable

2 Radiology

Biopsy Collection Tray Biopsy Device Biopsy Grid Biopsy Guide - Trans Rectal Biopsy Biopsy Gun Biopsy Marker Biopsy Needle Biopsy Sealing Device Biopsy System Biopsy Tray Cover Breast Biopsy Device Breast Lesion Localization Biopsy Needle Breast Lesion Locatization Marker Breast Lesion Localization Wire Breast Localization Needle With Hook Wire & Alligator Clip Disposable Bone Biopsy Extended Drill Set Disposable Bone Biopsy Set Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle Puncture Introducer Needle Spinal Biopsy Needles (FNA) Suction Canister (Biopsy System) Liver Access Set Tubing Cassette Liver Access Biopsy Needle Bone Biopsy Needle Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle Microwave Ablation Consumbles Radiofrequency Ablation Consumables Cryoablation Consumables CT Skin Marker Biopsy Forcep Biopsy Instrument Coaxial Needle Ablation Catheter Balloon Dilation Catheter Balloon Dilation Catheter Kit Diagnostic Catheter Double Lumen Catheter Drainage Catheter Drainage Catheter Exchange Set Drug Coated Balloon Embolectomy Catheter Fistulaplasty Balloon Guide Catheter Graft Moulding Balloon High Flow Catheter HSG Catheter Hydrophilic Catheter Infusion Catheter Micro Catheter Occlusion Balloon Catheter Over The Wire Balloon Catheter Pigtail Catheter Polyethylene Catheter PTA Balloon Catheter PTA Catheter PTA Balloon Dilation Catheter PTA Dilation Catheter PTC Catheter Re-entry Catheter Sialography Catheter Support Catheter Thrombectomy Catheter Vascular Catheter Catheter Fixation Device Inflation Device Adapter Contrast Administration Kit Contrast Injector Syringe Contrast Media Tubing CT Administration Set CT Administration Set Accessories MRI Syringe Embolic Agent Embolic Device Embolisation Coil Embolisation Coil - Detachable Embolisation Coil - Microcoil Embolisation Coil - Pushable Embolisation Particles Embolisation Syringe Vascular Coil - Detachment Handle Peripheral Coil - Detachable Peripheral Coil - Pushable Coil Pusher Aortic Stent Graft Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) Endovascular Balloon Endovascular Stent System Fenestrated Endovascular Repair (FEVAR) Large Diameter Introducer Sheath Steerable Sheath Peripheral Stents Graft Thoracic Endovascular Aortic/Aneurysm Repair (TEVAR) Graft Moulding Balloon CTO Microwire Guide Diagnostic Guidewire Extra Stiff Guidewire Fixed Core Guidewire Flexible Tipped Guidewire Hydrophilic Guidewire Light Support Guidewire Micro Guidewire Nitinol Guidewire Pressure Guidewire PTFE Coated Guidewire PTFE Guidewire Speciality Guidewire Steerable Guidewire Straight Tip Guidewire Super Stiff Guidewire Support Guidewire Torque Device Guiding Sheath Introducer Sheath Sheath Kit Tunneler Vascular Sheaths Introducer Introducer Access Set Introducer Needle Renal Sheath Renal Introducer Cardiovascular Sheath Kit Percutaneous Access Set Snare & Micro Snare Snare Kit Balloon Expandable Stent Drug Eluting Peripheral Stent Peripheral Stent Uncovered Metal Stent TIPS Stent Vascular Self Expanding Stent Vascular Balloon Expanding Stent Vascular Covered Stent Vascular Stent System Vessel Dilator Polyester & EPTFE Vascular Graft Polyester Vascular Patch PTFE Felt Pledget Tunneler Vascular Grasping Force Vascular Graft Vascular Graft Sizer Vascular Plug Vena Cava Filter Set Vein Ablation (RF) Catheter Laser (RF) Catheter Tubing Kit (RF) Bypass Shunts Transection Device Bovine Pericardium Patch Valvulotome Disposable Clamp Insert Clamp Varicose Vein Laser Fibre Vascular Retrieval Forcep Arterial Closure Device Vascular Closure Device Vascular Closure System Thrombectomy Device Thrombectomy System Thrombectomy Catheter Angiographic Needle Drainage Needle Needle Guide Thoracentesis Needle Blunt Needle PTC Catheter Needle Percutaneous Entry Access Needle Connectors Drainage Bag Radiopaque Marker Connecting Tube Adapter Dilator Drainage Waste Disposal System Stopcock Flow Control Device

3 Endoscopy

Buffer Solution Capsule Capsule Consumable Capsule Endoscopy Sheath Capsule Delivery Device Balloon Dilation Catheter Biliary Balloon Dilation Catheter Biliary Extraction Balloon Catheter Bipolar Haemostasis Catheter Diagnostic Catheter EBUS Balloon Endoscopic RF Ablation Catheter Guiding Catheter Inflation Device Occlusion Balloon Catheter Oesophageal Balloon Catheter Oesophageal Catheter Spray Catheter Wire Guided Balloon Pushing Catheter Cytology Brush EBUS FNA EBUS FNB Endoscopic Ultrasound Needle EUS FNA EUS FNB Injection Needle Insufflation Needle Pulmonary Needle Transbronchial Needle Varices Injector Argon Plasma Coagulation Probe Biliary EHL Probe Bipolar Coagulation Probe Bipolar Electrohemostasis Probe Dignity Short Patient Bib Calibrated Tip Wire Guide Dilation Guidewire Speciality Guideiwre Hydrophilic Guidewire Endoscopic Dye Endoscopic Marker Mouthguard Biopsy Forcep Biopsy Forcep - Bronch Biopsy Forcep - Colon Biopsy Forcep - Enteroscope Biopsy Forcep - Gastric Biopsy Forcep - Hot Hemostatic Forcep EUS Forcep Extraction Basket Mucosectomy Device Polyp Lifting Solution Polyp Net Polyp Trap Retrieval Coil Retrieval Cutting Forcep Retrieval Device Retrieval Forcep Retrieval Snare Retrieval Basket Grasping Forcep Band Ligator Nitinol Stone Extractor Crescent Polypectomy Snare Duckbill Polypectomy Snare Hexagonal Polypectomy Snare Oval Polypectomy Snare Reusable Snare Tube Single Use Snare Colonic Stent Double Pigtail Stent Duodenal Stent Oesophageal Stent Pancreatic Stent Stent Insertion Kit Stent Introduction System Stent Retriever Tracheal & Bronchial Stent Biliary Covered Stent Biliary Partially Covered Stent Biliary Metal Stent Biliary Plastic Stent Biliary Self Expanding Stent Biliary Uncovered Stent ERCP Accessory Organiser ERCP Cannula ERCP Catheter ERCP Guidewire ERCP Plastic Stent ERCP Lithotriptor ERCP Lithotriptor Cable ERCP Lithotriptor Handle ERCP Lithotriptor Spring ERCP Long Guidewire ERCP Long or Short Wire Balloon Dilation Catheter ERCP Long Wire Cannula ERCP Long Wire Extractor Basket ERCP Metal Stent ERCP Percutaneous Access Set ERCP Retrieval Balloon Catheter ERCP Short Guidewire ERCP Sphincterotome ERCP Sphincterotome Consumables ERCP Stent Pusher Catheter ERCP Stone Extraction Balloon ERCP Towel ERCP Wireguide Locking Device ERCP Wire Guided Forceps Needle Knife Adapter Biopsy Seal Cystoscopy Tap Dilator Distal Cap Distal Cover Distal Tip Endoscopic Clip Endoscopic Dilator Endoscopic Hemostat Endoscopic Knife Endoscopic Ligation System Endoscopic Tubing Hemostasis System Sengstaken–Blakemore tube Suction Device Suction Valve Urease Test

4 Interventional Urology

Ureteral Access Catheter Dilation Balloon Catheter Dual Lumen Ureteral Access Catheter Inflation Device Ureteral Balloon Catheter Ureteral Catheter Urethral Dilation Balloon Catheter Occlusion Balloon Catheter Loop Drainage Catheter Introductory Set Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter Nephrostomy Catheter Uretheral Catheter Dilator Set Ureteral Dilator Uretheral Dilator Urethral Dilator Set Pediatric Urethral Dilator Renal Dilator Ureteroscopic Biopsy Forcep Grasping Forcep Nitinol Tipless Stone Extractor Retrieval Basket Retrieval Device Retrieval Forceps Stone Fragment Kit Urological Retrieval Basket Nitinol Stone Extractor Biopsy Forcep Fixed Core Guidewire Hybrid Guidewire Hydrophilic Guidewire Urological Guidewire PTFE Nitinol Guidewire PTFE Coated Guidewire Nitinol Guidewire Laser Fibre Prostate Laser Fibre Lithotripsy Probe Lithotripsy Fragment Catcher Kit Lithotripsy Soft Basket Lithotripsy Hard Basket Single Use Lithotriptor Lithotriptor Handle Lithotriptor Spring Lithotriptor Sheath Penile Implant Testicular Implant Penile Prosthetic Prostate Chip Evacuator Prostate Implant Prostatic Catheter Water Vapour Therapy Male Sling System Transperineal Access System Ureteral Access Sheath Resection Sheath Uretheral Access Sheath Single Use Scope Flexible Ureteroscope Ureteroscopy Biopsy Port Seal Ureteroscopy Irrigation System Ureteral Stent Ureteral Stent Set Ureteric Stent Urethral Stent Urethral Stent Kit Stent Retriever Ureteral Diversion Stent Pediatric Ureteral Stent Pigtail Stent Bipolar Ball Electrode Bipolar Cutting Loop Electrode Bipolar Electrode Knife Electrode Knife Vaporisation Electrode Roller Electrode Loop Electrode Monopolar Cutting Loop Electrode Monopolar Electrode Knife Monopolar Loop Electrode Monopolar Roller Electrode Band Electrode Adapter Bladder Chip Evacuator Bladder Evacuator Cystoscopic Injection Needle Urethrotome Knife Injection Needle

CPV Codes

  • 33140000 - Medical consumables
  • 33182240 - Parts and accessories for pacemakers
  • 33182210 - Pacemaker
  • 31711140 - Electrodes
  • 33182220 - Cardiac valve
  • 33141220 - Cannulae
  • 33141210 - Balloon catheters
  • 33141200 - Catheters
  • 33141323 - Biopsy needles
  • 33141240 - Catheter accessories
  • 33168000 - Endoscopy, endosurgery devices
  • 33141641 - Probes
  • 33141320 - Medical needles
  • 33125000 - Urology, exploration devices
  • 33141230 - Dilator
  • 33153000 - Lithotripter


  • Variant bids may be considered.
  • This is a recurring contract.
  • Renewals are not available.
  • Professional qualifications are sought.
  • Staff qualifications are relevant.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** The NHS Bodies in existence at the time of this tender are: Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board Hywel Dda University Health Board Powys Teaching Health Board Swansea Bay University Health Board Velindre NHS Trust Public Health Wales NHS Trust Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust NWSSP-ProcS reserve the right to add additional NHS organisations to the Framework Agreement at any time during the period of the Framework Agreement. Any such additions will be made following consultation with all participating Bidders. NOTE: The authority is using eTenderwales to carry out this procurement process. To obtain further information record your interest on Sell2Wales at NOTE: The authority is using eTenderwales to carry out this procurement process. To obtain further information record your interest on Sell2Wales at (WA Ref:111475) The buyer considers that this contract is suitable for consortia. NOTE: The authority is using eTenderwales to carry out this procurement process. To obtain further information record your interest on Sell2Wales at (WA Ref:112176) NOTE: The authority is using eTenderwales to carry out this procurement process. To obtain further information record your interest on Sell2Wales at (WA Ref:112556)