Dynamic Purchasing System Domiciliary Care for Adults and Sessional Support for Children Young People and Families

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20 Aug 2021
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Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan:

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Cardiff Council currently commissions 32,000 hours per week of Domiciliary Care services for Adult via a Dynamic Accredited Provider List akin to a Dynamic Purchasing Services. There are circa 60 providers on the current arrangement, which expires on 3 November 2021. Cardiff Council also commissions Sessional Support for Children Services via Spot Purchasing arrangements with 7 providers. The Social Services & Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014 (the Act) imposes various duties on local authorities and health boards that require them to work to promote the well-being of those who need care and support, or carers who need support, working on a regional basis wherever possible. It is agreed that a new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is implemented in Cardiff, which will replace the current arrangements for commissioning Adult Domiciliary Care and Children Sessional Support Services. The new DPS established will enable Cardiff Council to commission Domiciliary Care and Sessional Support Services for adults, children, young people and their families. The expenditure for these services are, Adult Services GBP25m per annum and Children Services cGBP817,000 per annum. The services concerned fall under Schedule 3 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (“the Regulations”) and accordingly are subject to the so called ‘Light Touch Regime’ which means that when procuring these Services the Council should comply with the mandatory requirements set out in the Light Touch Regime (Regulations 74-77). Under Regulation 76, the council is free to establish a procedure, provided that, the procedure is sufficient to ensure compliance with the principles of transparency and equal treatment of economic operators (suppliers). Regulation 34 of the Public Contracts Regulation 2015 expressly provides that contracting authorities may use a dynamic purchasing system for commonly used purchases the characteristics of which are generally available on the market, and meet their requirements and for this reason the model proposed, is a Dynamic Purchasing System. The Council reserves:- 1. the right to withdraw this contract notice and opportunity advertised at any time 2. the right to award all, part or none of the business forming the subject matter of this procurement and to abandon, halt, postpone this procurement at any time. All economic operators (potential suppliers), who wish to take part in this procurement do so at their own expense and risk. Under no circumstances will the Council incur any liability (including, but not limited to, liability as to costs) in respect of this procurement exercise, the abandonment of the same, or any documentation issued as part of this procurement exercise

Total Quantity or Scope

The expenditure for these services are, Adult Services cGBP25m per annum and Children Services cGBP817,000 per annum. Within the DPS, Providers will be able to register to deliver services against one, some or all of the categories providing they meet the minimum criteria to be able to do so. The three categories are; - Cluster Based Services for Older People and Mental Health Services for Older People - City Wide Services for Specialist Population Groups (including Learning Disability, Physical & Sensory Impairment, Mental Health & Substance Misuse Services) - City Wide Children’s Domiciliary Care & Sessional Support Services … Please note that this notice will remain open for the proposed duration of the contract (3 years with the potential to extend for a further period of up to 3 years, which if such extension is exercised, the notice period will be updated) allowing providers to apply to join the DPS at any time. This will be through www.sproc.net, which provides further information in respect of the accreditation and enrolment process together with the evaluation criteria, categories and sub categories where applicable.

Renewal Options

up to a further 36 months

Award Criteria

Quality 50
price 50

CPV Codes

  • 85000000 - Health and social work services
  • 85310000 - Social work services


  • This is a recurring contract.
  • Renewals are available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** Under the terms of this contract the successful supplier(s) will be required to deliver Community Benefits in support of the authority’s economic and social objectives. Accordingly, contract performance conditions may relate in particular to social and environmental considerations. The Social Value/Community Benefits included in this contract are: - Promoting the Wellbeing of Young People and Vulnerable Adults - Local Training & Employment Opportunities - Ethical Employment NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Sell2Wales Web Site at https://www.sell2wales.gov.wales/Search/Search_Switch.aspx?ID=113292. (WA Ref:113292) The buyer considers that this contract is suitable for consortia.