Provision of Hard Facilities Management Services

A Contract Award Notice

Contract (Services)
6.5 year (est.)
27 Sep 2021
To 27 Jan 2028 (est.)



Across the Scottish Mainland and Islands

Geochart for 2 buyers and 1 suppliers

2 buyers

1 supplier


The Scottish Police Authority (the Authority) has awarded contract to a single service provider for the provision of Facilities Management (FM) and related projects covering the operational estate across Scotland. The maximum contract duration is 6 years and 4 months (initial duration 4 years and 4 months with the option to extend for a period of two 12 month periods).

Total Quantity or Scope

The Scottish Police Authority has awarded a contract to a single service provider for the provision of Hard Facilities Management (FM)and related projects up to a limit of 500,000 GBP (five hundred thousand pounds) per instruction, excluding VAT for circa 477 operational properties. This is made up of a two high level elements: Core Service - Planned and reactive maintenance and projects. Additional Services: revenue/capital funded maintenance projects. Additional services may or may not be instructed under this contract, and are dependent on availability of future funding and not guaranteed. The Hard Facilities Management (FM) will cover the operational estate across Scotland. The services include a range of planned preventative maintenance of fabric and mechanical and electrical assets including lifts and statutory compliance and inspection testing; reactive repairs and maintenance; and capital and revenue maintenance works projects up to the value of 500,000 GBP ex VAT. The scope also includes provision and administration of a national helpdesk and CAFM system, provide professional advice, guidance and assistance on facilities management and property issues to assist SPA in the running of its properties, under best business practice, ensuring compliance with current regulatory legislation whilst obtaining value for money.

Award Detail

1 Atalian Servest Amk (Loanhead)
  • Reference: proc 20-0477
  • Num offers: 5
  • Value: £158,281,234

Renewal Options

The very nature of facilities management can be complex, variable and in flux. There will be a need over the contract term to allow the Scottish Police Authority to remove, amend or change the buildings and structures of their estate (including on a temporary, emergency and short/medium term basis to accommodate the services to be delivered by the public sector) and to vary the contract accordingly including the overall value of the contract estimated at Paragraph II.1.7) (Estimated total value) above.

Award Criteria

Quality 60.0
PRICE 40.0

CPV Codes

  • 79993000 - Building and facilities management services
  • 79993100 - Facilities management services
  • 45259000 - Repair and maintenance of plant
  • 50324200 - Preventive maintenance services
  • 50413200 - Repair and maintenance services of firefighting equipment
  • 50532000 - Repair and maintenance services of electrical machinery, apparatus and associated equipment
  • 50700000 - Repair and maintenance services of building installations
  • 50750000 - Lift-maintenance services
  • 50800000 - Miscellaneous repair and maintenance services
  • 72253000 - Helpdesk and support services
  • 72514300 - Facilities management services for computer systems maintenance
  • 77314000 - Grounds maintenance services
  • 77310000 - Planting and maintenance services of green areas
  • 90922000 - Pest-control services
  • 48420000 - Facilities management software package and software package suite
  • 72514000 - Computer facilities management services
  • 72514100 - Facilities management services involving computer operation
  • 72514200 - Facilities management services for computer systems development
  • 50610000 - Repair and maintenance services of security equipment
  • 71320000 - Engineering design services
  • 71315300 - Building surveying services
  • 71324000 - Quantity surveying services
  • 71600000 - Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services
  • 71317200 - Health and safety services
  • 50710000 - Repair and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical building installations
  • 90700000 - Environmental services


  • Options are available.
  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

Vetting- Personnel assigned to the supply of the services shall be vetted to NPPV2 and 3. Please note TUPE may apply. (SC Ref:667921)