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27 Sep 2021
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Talent, Leadership and Lifelong Learning, part of the People Directorate of NHSE are commencing a tender for the Provision of a Faculty Framework. The aim of this tender is to establish a faculty framework of experienced practitioners, able to demonstrate expertise which attunes to the needs of leaders in the health and public sector. The practitioners will embrace the significant importance that leadership development has in the sustainability of our health and care system, and who demonstrate values that are congruent with the NHS Constitution. The work undertaken via this framework will significantly impact upon the health outcomes of the communities served, therefore social value will be an integral ethos to each organisation representing the NHS. Through this procurement, NHSE are seeking to secure a diverse, highly skilled and agile faculty, that will comprise experts, with a broad range of knowledge, skills and practice in the field of leadership development; talent; equality, diversity and inclusion and research and evaluation. The faculty will provide targeted support for the design, delivery and production of National, Regional and Local development programmes across England, including both in-person and digitally enabled developmental interventions and associated products. The contract issued to providers will be zero value guaranteed. A separate advert will be released advising when the procurement is live for submissions, at which time all documentation in relation to this procurement will become available. The commissioner reserves the right not to proceed with the Procurement, or any part thereto, or change the requirements and timescales as necessary at any time.

Lot Division

1 Leadership Development

The Academy is seeking to secure the provision of cadre of leadership development 'practitioners' with a broad range of knowledge, skills, attributes and expertise in leadership development education, design, delivery and facilitation. Practitioners will provide targeted support for the design and/or delivery of national, regional, and system-based leadership development interventions at the system, organisation, team, and individual level - with varying degrees of complexity. Applicants against this lot may have expertise in one or more of the following areas (including but not restricted to): • Systems Leadership Development • Organisational Development • Culture Change • Improvement • Digital Leadership • Board Development • Deep skills of support and challenge • Small and large group facilitation at a variety of levels and delivery methods • Innovative leadership development programme / intervention design

2 Talent Management

Whilst NHSEI have significantly invested in the internal talent function, and significant expertise and capacity already exists, the scope of this Lot will include providers who can work collaboratively and flexibly with the internal talent function to complement existing expertise and capacity when required. Through this Lot, we are therefore seeking to secure the provision of Talent Management expertise across the areas/specialisms of talent attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention, and deployment. Expertise should relate to both an 'inclusive approach that mobilises the many rather than the few' and an 'exclusive approach, focusing on critical and senior leadership roles. Applicants applying for this lot should be experienced in the following areas (including but not restricted to): • Inclusive talent management practices and those which improve diversity at all levels of leadership • Delivering talent conversations and succession planning at scale and at senior levels • Competency framework development • Assessment of potential and readiness • Evidence-based Talent Management, data management and analytics involving collating, synthesisng, and providing data for example on the profile of Talent pools to inform decisions as to how to capitalise on this talent by organisations/systems e.g., for succession planning, career pathway mapping and employee value proposition • Talent development as complementary to leadership development • Facilitation and training of senior leaders and experts relating to talent - including Board facilitation and Talent expert Chartered Professional Development • Sponsorship programme delivery and training

3 Research and Evaluation

This Lot is seeking to secure the provision of expert research and evaluation services to support a range of leadership and talent management requirements. The purpose of this Lot is two-fold: 1. To assess and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of Leadership and Talent interventions on individuals, organisations and systems 2. To undertake original research and synthesis of latest thinking to ensure programmes have on-going relevance and longevity for managers and leaders Specifically, we are seeking providers who can • Deliver robust quantitative and qualitative evaluation as well as • Offer innovative evaluation services including assessment of impact and ROI/SROI Additionally, we seek expert research provision to support our future work including international horizon scanning and thought leadership using a variety of research techniques. Applicants against this lot should be experienced in the following areas (including but not restricted to): • Original and secondary research • Evaluation (quantitative and qualitative) including Return on Investment / Social Return on Investment • Literature reviews • Systematic Review • Rapid Review • Scoping studies • Thought Leadership • Horizon Scanning • Extended case studies • Market research • Action research • Advice and development of Research and Evaluation techniques and methods

4 Specialist EDI

Provision of specialist Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) advice and expertise to support the work of the Academy across its internal operations and the provision of highly specialised interventions through the specific lens of ED&I, for example inclusive recruitment training. Applicants should have expertise in the following areas (including but not restricted to): • Specialist Equality, Diversity and Inclusion knowledge, skills and practices • Cultural change • Focused development work for delivering Social Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion • Experience of working on inclusive change initiatives with a range of staff including very senior leaders in complex and challenging organisations

CPV Codes

  • 80530000 - Vocational training services

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