GB-St Helens: Providers to be a hub partner in delivering the Healthy Neighbours Programme (community volunteer health and wellbeing programme)

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1 year
29 Sep 2021
03 Nov 2021 to 02 Nov 2022
20 Oct 2021 10:00



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This Healthy Neighbours project aims to reach out to customers living in our general housing stock in the following areas: Parr, Four Acre, Daneville Estate, Granby Toxteth Triangle, Orford (Grasmere Avenue and Greenwood Crescent), St Elphins Close and St Katherines Way & Braybrook estate, Norris Green, where health levels are extremely low in comparison to national indicators. Healthy Neighbours are local volunteers who are engaged and trained to help and support their communities to improve health, wellbeing and community cohesion. They show how local people can work together with services and providers to improve quality and outcomes for communities. Torus Foundation plans to run the projects across Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington. Where this approach (Community Champions) is implemented already (Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster), Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluations conservatively estimated that £5 - £6 of social and economic value is generated for every £1 invested through this approach. Healthy Neighbours undertake: •Health and Wellbeing promotion - communicating important health and housing messages to often marginalised groups and individuals which professionals struggle to engage with. •Insight gathering - on health, care, wellbeing, and housing of issues to help the Torus Foundation and Partners understand deep-rooted attitudes, behaviours and perceptions. •Signposting - exploiting their unique position within the local community to signpost friends, neighbours and members of the community to appropriate health, social care, housing, children's, community and voluntary sector services. Healthy Neighbours are recruited directly from the area where they live, and where the project or 'hub' is based and reflect the diversity of the local population. They volunteer their time to connect residents with local services and create engaging and trusted relationships with their communities through the activities, events and campaigns that they run. By doing research, gathering insight, sharing health messages and signposting to local services, the Healthy Neighbours help local organisations understand their communities better and can influence services to make them more suited to local needs. They also make communities more aware of their local services and communicate important health, housing and wellbeing messages.

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  • 75200000 - Provision of services to the community


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Other Information

The contracting authority considers that this contract may be suitable for economic operators that are small or medium enterprises (SMEs). However, any selection of tenderers will be based solely on the criteria set out for the procurement. Please access the relevant lot link below: Lot 1: Parr: Link: Access Code: 63KCN8T47D Lot 2: Four Acre: Link: Access Code: RG372AP8U6 Lot 3: Daneville Estate: Link: Access Code: 54HQ6C6VJ6 Lot 4: Granby Toxteth Triangle: Link: Access Code: 74KHX54838 Lot 5: Orford (Grasmere Avenue and Greenwood Crescent): Link: Access Code: QY63WMK9H3 Lot 6: St Elphins Close and St Katherines Way: Link: Access Code: 324RQ8T676 Lot 7: Braybrook estate, Norris Green: Link: Access Code: Q745AF2NJ8 Please follow this link to view the notice