Inland Border Facilities (IBF) Enduring Site Services Operator

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Contract (Services)
3.5 year
25 Oct 2021
08 Aug 2022 to 31 Dec 2025
25 Nov 2021 14:00



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HMRC requires a single site services operator ("Supplier") to provide core service 'pillars' of Site Operations; Security Services; Traffic Marshalling Services; Vehicle Inspection Services (including MHE operators); and Hard & Soft FM Services. Through this opportunity, HMRC is looking to identify a best-in-class Supplier that can bring together all of the above services under a single national provision to serve all future IBF sites. In the first instance, the site will include confirmed sites at Sevington, Holyhead, and Dover White Cliffs, with the potential to expand to additional sites throughout the life of the future contract, including in South-East England (TBC) and West Scotland (TBC). The Supplier will be required to deliver customs checks on both inbound and outbound goods between the UK and the EU on behalf of Her Majesty's Government. The IBF sites are expected to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365(6) days a year. The three confirmed IBF sites of Sevington, Holyhead and Dover White Cliffs are expected to have approximately 500-600 HGV parking bays collectively and at their maximum capacity will be able to serve a throughput of approximately 10,000 vehicles per day. This requirement will be procured as a single Lot, covering all IBF sites. The future contract is expected to be awarded in around August 2022, for commencement of services in November 2022 on a phased site-by-site basis through a rigorous mobilisation plan. The future contract is likely to have an expiry date of 31/12/2025 with the option to extend for two further periods of 12 months.

CPV Codes

  • 63100000 - Cargo handling and storage services
  • 63712700 - Traffic control services
  • 75130000 - Supporting services for the government
  • 79500000 - Office-support services
  • 79623000 - Supply services of commercial or industrial workers
  • 79710000 - Security services
  • 79993000 - Building and facilities management services
  • 98362000 - Port management services

Other Information

This Procurement and the resulting contract are being run in accordance with HMRC's Supplier Code of Conduct . Further details on this can be found in the accompanying Project Brief and in HMRC's data room, both of which can be accessed via the details in Section 5. The future contract will require a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Plan built into it, specifically tailored to the delivery of the contract, and the appropriate resolution planning in place to ensure continuity of critical public services and their orderly transfer to a new supplier or in-house in the event of supplier insolvency. In addition to extensive financial viability assessment prior to contract award, HMRC will also undertake ongoing financial and compliance monitoring during the life of the contract, at least annually, to ensure the ongoing financial standing of the Supplier. Further details in respect of the opportunity are contained in the Project Brief, which can be accessed via the details in Section 5 and should be carefully reviewed by interested parties. Please see Section 5. Additional Text for details of how to request to participate in this Procurement. This procurement will be conducted by way of an eSourcing event using HMRC's SAP Ariba eSourcing Portal. Please ensure you are registered with the HMRC SAP Ariba eSourcing Portal to gain access to the procurement documentation when it is released which will contain full details of the requirement. If you are not already registered, the registration link is: As part of the registration process you will receive a system generated email asking you to activate your SAP Ariba supplier account by verifying your email address. Once you have completed the activation process you will receive a further email by return confirming the 'registration process is now complete' and providing you with 'your organisation's account ID' number. If an email response from HMRC is not received within one working day of your request, please re-contact (after first checking your spam in-box) notifying non-receipt and confirming when your registration request was first made. Once you have obtained 'your organization's account ID' number, please email both and and copy in with your account ID number. Once you have complied with the foregoing you will receive an e-mail confirming access to the procurement event once it is built. Further information about HMRC's procurement tool SAP Ariba, a Suppliers Guide and general information about supplying to HMRC is available on the HMRC website: If you have already registered on SAP Ariba then you may also need to re-register on HMRC's SAP Ariba in order to be added to the event. Please note that a "request to participate" for the purposes of this notice is by completion and return of the Selection Questionnaire by the stated deadline. Interested parties should note that HMRC reserves the right to cancel or vary this procurement process at any point and will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by interested parties in responding to this opportunity. HMRC also reserves the right not to award a contract to the lowest priced bidder or indeed to award any contract at all as a result of this procurement. HMRC may also change the basis, procedures and/or timescales set out or referred to within the procurement documents.