Digital Test Platform – Service Continuity, Transition and Exit Contract

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26 Oct 2021
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Leeds: The Services will be delivered remotely by the Supplier however the Supplier will comply with reasonable requests to co-locate where practical to facilitate integration of the services

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Contract with Deloitte LLP for the provision of digital solution design, build and live service of a digital platform, ordering portals and mobile applications to support the Covid-19 National Test Service together with transition and exit activities. The services provided under this contract support the digital and data journey for COVID-19 testing, currently amounting to millions of tests each week, and have introduced new capabilities as the testing programme has evolved to support the pandemic response. This contract also includes the provision of services to disaggregate the solution provided by Deloitte, removing interdependencies and facilitating the formation of independent services capable of transition to replacement suppliers.

Total Quantity or Scope

Please see the description provided at section II.1.4. The estimated contract value is £56,500,00

Award Detail

1 Deloitte (London)
  • Reference: 026784-2021-1
  • Value: £56,500,000

Renewal Options

The contract has an initial period expiring on 31 March 20212 and includes an option to extend the contract for periods of one month each, up to a maximum of 6 months in total by way of variation.

Award Criteria

price _

CPV Codes

  • 72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support


  • Options are available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** In addition to the sub-contracts referenced in V.2.5, the supplier also passes on to NHS Digital the charges at cost for a number of third party services. These third party services have an estimated value of £1,500,000 and are included within the total contract value of £56,500,000. These third party services include toolsets for the management of the software development process, as well as AWS cloud infrastructure for both non-production and production environments, used to deploy and host the web portal and iOS applications.The material third party suppliers providing services at the contract award date are as follows (the threshold for materiality is based on third parties providing services with an aggregate spend under the contract above £10,000):- Atlassian- AWS- Google Cloud Reseller- Azure Devops- BrowserStack- ServiceNow- PagerDuty- Snyk- RapidSpike- Synopsys Coverity. Where it is commercially beneficial, NHS Digital may transition some of these third party services in house during the term of the contract. Part of the service disaggregation provided under this contract includes the migration of services onto HALO which is a DHSC/UK HSA instance of AWS, thus reducing and ultimately removing dependency on the Deloitte AWS instance. The other third party services are under review.Deloitte LLP also uses a number of other Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited entities within the provision of the services. The subcontracts with these other Deloitte entities represent approximately 13% of the total costs.The value likely to be subcontracted set on in V.2.5 has been calculated on the basis of the subcontracts set out in V.2.5, as well as the value of the third party services and the subcontracts with the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited entities. In relation to section II.2.5, this contract was awarded to the supplier to facilitate continuity of service and for the provision of services to disaggregate the solution, removing interdependencies and allowing for the formation of independent services capable of transition to replacement suppliers. Given the bespoke nature of the digital testing platform, this disaggregation work is complex and there are technical limitations which prevent other suppliers from being able to carry out the work in the required timeframe without risking the stability of the platform.