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28 Oct 2021
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The Heavy Lift Challenge (HLC) Framework (the Framework) has been created by the Authority in order to accelerate the development of a range of autonomous Heavy Lift Uncrewed Air Systems for use predominantly, but not exclusively, in the maritime domain.

Total Quantity or Scope

The intention is to address the lack of current options in the market by increasing the number of delivery ready platforms in order to help support and develop the Authority’s understanding of the potential capabilities and uses for of such autonomous systems. The Authority will facilitate accelerated development of a number of Supplier Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS) to meet or exceed the requirements of an Authority defined Minimum Viable Product. Our intent is to ensure that Defence will have access at the speed of relevance to current and future emerging cutting-edge capabilities for use within the Royal Navy and other domains. The Authority will facilitate, via the use of this competitive framework, an environment whereby suppliers are able to demonstrate current capabilities, set out product development and commercial exploitation roadmaps and work with both the Authority and potentially with other suppliers to accelerate pace of development and reduce time to market. The purpose of the HLC Framework is therefore to support and inform the development of Maritime operating concepts and enable assessment, analysis, exploration and evaluation of the use of un-crewed air systems (UAS) for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) payload delivery. The Framework is designed specifically to: i) provide Sponsor / User confidence in the potential for UAS systems to provide recoverable, adaptable, remotely piloted air systems, capable of accurately delivering heavy payloads at range; ii) enable the Authority to identify and as appropriate fund the most viable solutions in the market for accelerated further development in order to meet the Authority’s minimum requirement (the Minimum Viable Product or “MVP”) within the times stated, iii) provide the Authority with a mechanism for end users to potentially acquire for further evaluation or other use those solutions which demonstrably meet or exceed the MVP.

Award Detail

1 Malloy Aeronautics (Beasconsfield)
  • Reference: 027124-2021-1
  • Value: £20,000,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
2 W Autonomous Systems (Harrow)
  • Reference: 027124-2021-1
  • Value: £20,000,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.

Award Criteria

Social Value 10%
Presentation 10%
Fly-Off 80%
price Framework; no price criterion

CPV Codes

  • 73000000 - Research and development services and related consultancy services


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