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29 Oct 2021
To 13 Nov 2024 (est.)
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United Kingdom:

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The GMCA is working to establish a national call-off framework to be available for use by public sector organisations wishing to achieve carbon reduction and other benefits through implementing smart energy technologies on public sector owned assets (buildings, car parks and land). The call-off framework will comprise five lots in total. Lots 1 – 4 are each defined by a specific smart energy solution that a public sector organisation (herein referred to as the Contracting Authority) might want to deploy on a single asset or portfolio of multiple assets. Lot 5 is for integrated smart energy solutions, which will cover a range of smart energy technologies. 1. Building integrated solar PV with battery storage 2. Solar car ports with battery storage 3. Building integrated battery storage 4. Ground mounted solar PV and battery storage (grid connected and private wire) 5. Integrated smart energy system Lot 5 is for a Contracting Authority that wants to deploy an integrated smart energy system across a portfolio of multiple assets. The integrated smart energy system might include a mix of technologies including those that are featured in lots 1-4 plus any other technologies that are suggested by Suppliers at the mini competition stage and which the Contracting Authority agrees to be appropriate its portfolio of tendered assets. These ‘other’ technologies might for example include but are not limited to ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging hubs/ forecourts, standalone (grid-connected) battery storage, wind turbines, and hydro-electric plants, platform (software/ hardware) for aggregating generation/ demand and interacting with a potential future local energy market. Suppliers may bid for (and be appointed to) any number and combination of lots 1–5 on the call off framework. Multiple suppliers will be awarded to each Lot up to the maximum numbers outlined below: Lot 1 – 8 suppliers Lot 2 – 5 suppliers Lot 3 – 5 suppliers Lot 4 – 5 suppliers Lot 5 – 5 suppliers Suppliers may also form consortia to bid for a place on the framework. All consortia must nominate a lead applicant who (if successful) will take the place on the framework and will contract with a Contracting Authority on behalf of the consortium. All call off contracts will be awarded via future mini competitions that will be run by the Contracting Authorities. The framework will provide sufficient flexibility to accommodate the range in needs and requirements of the Contracting Authorities in terms of technical solutions, portfolio scale, investment options and delivery models.

Lot Division


Building integrated solar PV with battery storage


Solar car ports with battery storage


Building integrated battery storage


Ground mounted solar PV and battery storage (grid connected and private wire)


Integrated smart energy system

CPV Codes

  • 71314000 - Energy and related services


  • An E-Catalogue is required.
  • Restrictions apply to the lot award allocation.
  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Renewals are available.

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